Olympic and Commonwealth games

The interesting word, Olympics and common wealth games.  Yes, the interesting International sport event in our world.  In that event, thousands and thousands of athletes will participate , representing their nation. The word Olympics , came from the games held in Olympia and Greece, as got inspired by their games.  More than 200 nations was participating in that Games.  It is from Olympia, since 8th Century BC to 4th century AD.

The Olympic games held once in four years. An International Olympic committee formed in 1894. It got evolved in a different way, during 20th and 21st centuries. Lot of changes has been made. They made the changes according to the political, economical and technological advancements.  Olympics has become most famous, along with the growth of the mass media. Now, almost all the nations are participating in the Olympics. 

History of the Olympic flame and torch :-
The last Olympics was held during 2012, in London. The Indian Olympic association sent the nation’s highest delegated athletes to the Games. It was the most successful Olympics , where they won 6 medals ( 2 silver and 4 bronze) , which was the double of the previous Olympics, 2008, 3 medals. The most important aspect is the female athlete has set a milestone for India, who won two medals, and especially Saina Nehwal , who was the first Indian athlete to win the Olympic bronze medal in the women Singles Badminton. 

Common wealth Games :-
To conclude this topic, I should suggest that , India is not looking care of lot of athletes in the country. Many of the athletes are lacking of recognition, cost and the welfare. The sports committee of the country, should concentrate on the best athletes who are really have the thirst of winning the sport event. 

The symbol came from the ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that the fire was given to humankind, by their God Prometheus. They believed that fire has sacred qualities. And Greek rituals also, have torch relays. In the past, the high priestess of the Temple Hera would light the flame using a skaphia, the ancestor of parabolic mirrors. whenever we think about the Olympics, the fire and the colour rings would be coming to our mind. The five interblocked rings represents nothing but the union of the five continents ( Africa, Australia, America, Asia and Europe)

The common wealth is the third largest Internation sport event, after Olympics and Asian Games. This also held , once in four years. This sport event was held in 1930 first time. It came from the Ancient British Games. There are 70 recognised associations which will be selecting and planning about the participation of the Athletes, in the Common wealth Games.

The recent CWG was held during 2010. India was hosting the 2010 CWG games. India won 38 gold medals, 27 silver medals and 36 Bronze medals. India was the second largest in the ranks. It was held in Delhi 2010. India has participated well in Wrestlers, weightlifters and shooters. The previous 2006 CWG games, India has 22 medals. Year by year, India is growing well in the CWG games. 

The host city of 2014 is Glasgow . They have scheduled over 11 days, from 23 July till 3rd August, 2014. 70 organizations are participating and 17 sports are going to be held. The whole world is expecting the fantabulous summer sport. Because, the medals won in the Common wealth games and the Olympic games is a pride to the nations.


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