Political reforms in India

     The police Act has been established on 1861. This act is followed for Centuries. This needs an effective necessity of police reforms in India. The Global average ratio of police-population is 270 police per one lakh. In India, it is 120 police per one lakh. Here there is the lacking of the proper justice. Because of this less number, the politicians this is how easily play their role in the police force.
The Indian police commission of 1902-03 which renewed the working of the police and found that, the importance of the police work is under-estimated in the Society. And they found that there are lot of un-trained, ill-educated officers are recruited in the lowest ranks from the lower strata of the society. This and all happens because of the unwanted interference of the political officials of the Nation.
There are few other bodies which govern the police reforms of the Nation are :-

  • Gore Committee on police training ( 1971-73)
  • Ribiero committee on police reforms ( 1998)
  • Padmanabiah committee on Police reforms ( 2000)
  • Group of Ministers on National Security ( 2000-01)
  • Malimath Committee on Reforms of Criminal Justice System ( 2001-03)

Aravind Kejriwal and Siddharth Chatterjee of Indian police force, had highlighted some points to be levied to improve the police reforms in India :-

  • We should separate the crime investigation from h other police wings of police dealing with the law and order.
  • And, there should be checks and balances for the police force
  • There should be radical changes in the personned policies. The recruitment should be at the officer level.  Now, there are 130 policemen over 1 lakh population. This should be get increased by 50%. Every district should have a forensic library.
  • The prosecution wing should be made independent. All the investigation and procedure should be done under the supervision of the DA.
  • And finally, all the small crimes should be handled at the local police and neighbourhood level. The CBI, crime wing are over burdened by the petty crimes.
  • The senior IPS officer designated as Director general of police. Below the hierarchy comes as, Additional director general of police, Inspector general of police, Deputy Inspector Generals of police, Superintendents , deputy superintendents, Circle inspectors, Sub-Inspectors, Additional sub-inspectors, Head constables and Police constables. Thus, the hierarchy starts and ends.
  • The police are now act as a doll to the acting government. Sometimes, they look like the agents of the acting government. Every policemen should think on their own, and work on the steps of the justice. The police have a vital role in the economic development of the nation. 
  • The people, should have a respect on the professionalism of the police force. They should have the confidence in their integrity, honesty and efficiency. The police should feel a pride in the uniform and they should be dutiful to the uniform. Some, are misusing that and it is giving a bad name to all the policemen. Some laws has diluted the core duties of the  police. British police have been known as the best police force in the World.

Since the year 2000, the Central government have released money every year for the improvisation of the police force. The recruitment of constables should be restricted that, they should have passed X standard and 19 years of age. The existing constables should be re-trained and adequate medical check up is required. Likewise , all the hierarchy should follow the principles and rules.
If the recruitment, goes without the recommendation and truly, sure the police reforms of our Nation, will be the best. 


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