Relationship with neighbouring countries

India’s Neighbours :-
As like our home neighbors, our Nation has its own neighbors. What are the neighboring countries of India ? Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh.
India is located in South Asia, surrounded by Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and Sri lanka,where as they are fought in war with Pakistan, in the border division, for the province.  If we talk about the relationship with the neighbor countries, it is not in good relation to all the countries.
First, we discuss about the relationship with the closest neighbor, Sri Lanka.  They have more than 2500 years of relationship. In the recent years, they  have close contacts with highest political level, trade and investment, co operation in the fields of development, education, culture and defence.  But now, there are many issues , regarding the historical linkage. The Tamil Eelam issue is a great issue in ther ecent decades.
Now, the LTTE found itself engaged in military conflict with the Indian army. We can’t forget the death of Rajiv Gandhi,  done by LTTE . India announced LTTE as terrorist by 1992. There are alleged firing on the fisher men of Tamilnadu, by the Sri Lankan Navy. No other country in the world, is supporting India, to question on the Sri Lankan  army. Several Tamilnadu politicians , have condemned the Sri Lankan Government, not to fire on the Indian Tamil fishermen. India, has implemented 2006-07 , Aid to Sri Lanka, about Rs. 28.2 crores. There are lot of health projects are also going on. India have supplied medical equipments to the Sri lankan Hospitals.
If we talk about the relationship with Pakistan, being Indians, our mind will even think that enemity . The India and Pakistan are the famous opponents in the cricket, no other two countries battle in the cricket is famous than that. Whole world will turn up on that match. It shows the known factor that, India and Pakistan are enemies. They are connected by History and the national languages, but don’t know they have conflicts years by years.
They got conflicts immediately after the Independence, they had 3 major wars. Lot of attempts have been done to improve the relationship, but nothing gave us a positive result.  According to BBC statistics, only 11% of Indians are talking about Pakistan positively. It is like in the blood itself the enemity is there. And you and me also will be like that. WE SHOULD CHANGE THAT THOUGHT.
Then, let’s come to another neighbor country, Bangladesh. Pakistan is on the western front and we got failed in the relationship of it. But, got success with the relationship with the eastern front country, Bangladesh. It is believed that, the senior leaders of Assam are hiding in Bangladesh. The new regime in Bangladesh, allows business visas and medical visas, business tourists inside the country. India Bangladesh relationship came to power in 2009. In 2011, India pledged to invest U.S $1 billion to build infrastructure in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, India is waiting for Bangladesh to access the landlocked northern states bordered to Bangladesh.
Indo-china relations , for more than 2000 years. India and china are the two countries, which have most ancient civilizations, in the world. Population wise, they two lead the world. They have good relations in the recent decades inspite of their crucial role in the world war II.  China and India got separated by the boundaries, Himalayas, geographically. In 1960’s they both had Indo-china war.  And in 1970’s India signed the trust of peace,friendship and co-operation with China and Soviet Union.
In 2010, the situation changed, Chinese premier visited India along with 400 business leaders. The Indo-china relationship is not so strong enough, eventhough they have good business relationship in the modern times.
Thus, India has relationships with their neighbor countries, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. I can conclude this discussion, we have to throw away the enemity of Pakistan, from our hearts. Let’s show friendly hands to all the nations, to become a developed nation in the world. 


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