Role of media in India

The most valuable topic, the role of media in today’s world. Nowadays, people can’t live without the media. Yes, the media has become more essential need of the people, as like food and clothing. In the recent decades, it helps the society to strengthen. To be say in a simple word, it is a “Mirror”.
Media , helps in the following 5 categories :-

  1. Information
  2. Education
  3. Entertainment
  4. Advertising
  5. Correlations of the parts of the society

Society has been influenced by the media. It helps for various judgements in various issues. As India is a largest democracy, the media acts as a bridge between the Government and the people. The Government policies are informed to the public through two sources , i) Information and ii) Broadcasting. Governments have mass media agencies.
Media are of two types , Print media and Electronic media . If we talk about print media,
Newspapers and magazines :- It’s the publication that appears regularly and frequently carries news about the day-to-day activities and in wide variety of informations. And another important function by the Newspaper, is it is playing a crucial role in the today democracy.
Electronic media covers Radio and Television :-
If we talk about Radio, Radio is a wireless transmission through space of electro magnetic waves. All communication via audio signals. Some years back, it plays a good role in news and dramas. Now, as Television has grown widely, people hearing FM kind of radios, only for Entertainments. But the older periods, Radio was a wealth of information and knowledge.
Television, is the transmission of video images. Now, Television is the strongest media, which has control on all the aspects. News, dramas, Movies, songs, etc. All the politicians has their hand in the Television, by grabbing a channel for their own. It was invented by John Logie Baird. 
Effects of media :-
Media plays an effective role in the development of the society. Yes, it changes the people’s perspective. It has some negative impact, as such it acts as a “watch dog” of the political democracy. Nowadays, news has been acting as the selling agent of the information. People who publish the news first, will be gaining more . Politicians, treat the channels as the key to their success. For the sake of the familiarity, they target the public figures, celebrities personal life. Because of this stupid information, people lose the information to be targeted first.
Mass media have made the world smaller and closer. We can take the example of the famous cricket, we feel that we are watching the match, as of sitting inside the stadium.
If the following measures are followed by the media people, it can become more effective :-

  • Accuracy – The information by the Newspapers, radio, television should be accurate
  • Confidentiality – It should maintain confidentiality
  • Protection of sources – The sources which are giving information should not be revealed.
  • Right to privacy – They should respect the right of a person of privacy.
  • No incitement to violence – They should not interfere in violence
  • No vulgarity – They should not write, broadcast, display any vulgarity
  • No communal writing – They should not create problem between various faiths and practices.

Though it have both positive and negative effects towards the society, but it is the only source, which is helping strongly for the development of the Nation. 


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