Solutions for national integration in India

What do you mean by National Integration ?
Each and every citizen should realize that , inspite of different caste, religion, region and speak different languages , we all came under one roof , India. This means the National integration of a Nation. In the famous quote, we can tell as “ Unity in diversity”. Man is a Social animal. This word opt for the culture of India.

India, being the second largest population in the world. To talk about in numbers, about 1,652 languages and dialects spoken in our country.  But among those, 18 languages got recognized by our National constitution. And another major good thing in our country like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism , all religions are in the world level.
India, has a National integration council, started by Jawaharlal Nehru, during October 1961. Their main aim is to find out the reasons, where the country divides . They will find out the reasons and counter the problems of the Nation.

The major problems which affect the National Integration :-

  • Casteism  and Religionism – It affects the society.  The casteism is rooted in the mind of the people, lot of riots and issues are happening in the society, because of that. Famous eg :- Hindu Muslim issue for Babar Mosque.
  • Communalism – This is the major issue which helps to spoil the unity of the Nation. Political interference towards communism, makes the Nation to ruin more with the communalist riots, floods of blood, etc.
  • Linguistic diversity – The lingual difference is also a reason, which makes the diversity in the Nation. Each and every State try to develop their own language to be the National language. 
  • Regionalism – Each and every region, their own tradition, dress , culture and behaviours. People of one region with a particular habit, oppose the other habits of other region, which will creates conflicts and riots.
  • Social disparity – The imbalance in the social status creates issues. 
  • Economic inequalities – The imbalance of Economics in the states creates problems. States fight for natural resources also. For Eg : - The Cauvery river issue between the Karnataka and Tamilnadu. 
  • All the above issues spoils the nation’s peace and integrity. Many issues are there. The Kashmir and Pakistan are also one of them.  And another issue, which creates the imbalance is because, the rich become the richer and the poor become the poorer. This should be eradicated by proper channels and awareness. NGO’s work towards the Nation’s peace.  The Law and order of the Nation, works with their full power and strength to maintain the Peace of the Nation.  The NIC is a group of Important politicians, and legal advisors, Educated people. 

Solutions to save the National Integration :-

  1. Individuals are the pillars of the nation. Each and every individual should have duty to save the nation’s peace and integrity
  2. Education – Proper education will give the people the maturity and the peace of mind
  3. Our political system should be build strong enough, we need proper leaders, who will work for the people, really. 
  4. The Police force should not get indulge in bribes and other illegal activities. 
  5. The Law and order system should be easy to the common people. 
  6. Let me conclude this with the proper sentence of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru “There is no division between North and South, East and West of India. There is only one India of which all us are inheritors, it belongs to all of us”. 


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