Terrorism in India

The most vulnerable thing which affects the world is Terrorism . It is widespread in all the Countries of the world. If we defined the Tupperware in words, the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. To explain practically, it meant for simply troubling the innocent section of the society for the purpose of the mistakes done by some powerful and criminal section of the society.

The few examples to explain the terror face of the Terrorists in India are :-
Mumbai Terrorist attacks – The whole world got shocked about this terrorist attack. They placed bombs various places such as Taj Hotel, The oberoi Trident, Chhatrapathi shivaji station. 164 people killed and 308 got injured.  The fight between terrorists and military personnel ended on 29th November and the sole militant survivor was Ajmal kesab, he is still under the custody.
Bombay was completely got blasted by a series of bomb blasts on 12th March, 1993. Almost there were 13 bomb blasts, the leader for that blast was Dawood Ibrahim. The commercial city were totally shaken. 250 lives were lost and 700 injured.  The 3rd major bomb blast was during July, 2006 in the Mumbai local trains. 7 blasts in 11 minutes. 209 people lost the lives and 700 got injured.  The top most 3 terrific attacks were happened in Mumbai. Mumbai is a place of dhadhas, and place of terrorists. Strong and secured forced arms should scrutinized more in Mumbai. They have claimed innumerable innocent lives.  If we talk about the world terrorist attacks, the top most terrorist attacks which coming to all our minds of the people in the whole world, is the terror activities of Twin towers. The world trade center has been completely destroyed by hi-jacking two planes .  The 11th September, 2001 has not been forgotten by the world. According to the official reports was Al Qaeda and its Osama Bin Laden was the reason behind it.  Osama got killed by the American force later.  According to an Article established in The Hindu on August 27, 2013, says that there are 65 terror groups in the Nation.  And the major 34 groups are in Manipur .  And they analysed that, all the groups available themselves in North-east, Assam and Meghalaya, Hill stations.
The top 10 terrorist groups in the world are :-

  1. Al-Qaeda which was lead by Osama Bin Leaden
  2. Liberation of the Tiger of Tamil Eelam – Prabhakaran
  3. Taliban force 
  4. Irish Republican Army
  5. Hezbollah
  6. Hamas
  7. Ku Klux Klan
  8. Armenian Secret Army
  9. Lashkar-E-Taiba
  10. Irgun

The perspective of the Terrorism differs, the inner motive is they act for good for a separate group of people. Their view is Marxism.  But, this arises because of a common factor that majority people sucks the minority people. So, the minority people have raise their voices
and weapons to seek their rights. It’s a mistake in the system, not with the mindset of the people. The political system should be changed enough instead of scrutinizing the terrorists. And the people who involve themselves in the terrorists, should think of a minute before killing the innocent people for some other reason. Nothing can be achieved because of Terrorism, Ahimsa is the real weapon to achieve the goals.


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