UN Reforms

Over the decades, there has been so many initiatives to reform the UN. There were lot of disagreements  on what kind of reform is needed. But, later they found a decision that for the peace of all the nations in the world, UN reforms is necessary.
UN reform is not a politically neutral, technocratic exercise. Many experts would like to see a stronger and more effective multilateral organization, but the governments are usually opposed to an Institution, and they often use their power to block change.
The UN security council reform reflects the power structure of the world as it was during 1945. The UN secretariat reforms gets much attention in the media. And another demand is that UN has become more democratic, and it acts as a key for the world democracy. The UN is not a world government, but it is a forum of the world’s sovereign states to debate on the issues of the world and take decisions and do further actions.
The implementation of the population-based UN voting has raised the diversity of interests and the governments of the various nations of the world. It gives more power to the UN reforms. To discuss financially, the UN reform has specified that “ A tax on missiles, planes, tanks  and guns would provide the UN with its entire budget, and as well as pay for all the peacekeeping efforts around the world, including the resettlement of refugees and reparations of the victim of the war”
The Human rights commission on Human rights  has been effectively implemented and its playing its functions, in high profile. Several nations have become the member of the organization. The hightime confusion was US got ejected from the commission, during 2002. But, it got re-elected later. On Wednesday, 15th March 2006, the United Nations General assembly established a new United nations human rights council, with 171 members of 191 nation assemblies.
India, has made a strong call to the UN reform of security council during Nov 22, 2013. India’s ambassoador, Mr. Asoke kumar to the UN security council stated that, “ The process of bringing about UNSC reforms cannot be seen to be an exercise and infinitium. And he stated that, with 70th anniversary of the United Nations scheduled to be started on 2015.
Germany is the most important partner for India, regarding the UN security council reform. Pranab Mukherjee , has said in a statement that, They have a strong partnership on regional and international issues should continue their efforts for a fundamental reform of the UN security council. Indian companies are increasing venturing into investments and acquisitions in Germany.
India believes that UN must undertake the reforms which will truly make the representative while enhancing its creditability and effectiveness. India has signed the Declaration by the United Nations and joined the conference of the International organization at San Francisco during April 1945. It believe that the membership, will guarantee for maintaining international peace and security.
The UN must play an active role in ensuring inclusive growth within nations, and inclusive globalizations across nations. It took an initiative for the growth in the world’s financial system. And India believes that, UN should have a vital role in the global counter-terrorism operation.
As the UN reforms works hard towards these kind of issues, India pledge to work for the UN reforms, with full faith and hope, towards UN’s success. 


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