What are human rights in India?

     From the word human rights itself you can understand the meaning. Human rights are inherent to all the human beings, wherever they live, whatever may be their gender, it is for all of them, irrespective of their caste, religion, language or any other status. We are all equal. They are indivisible rights.

     Human rights , it is based on the principle of respect of each and every individual, must have. Each human has to be treated with a dignity. The Human rights is universal. If we go and ask some people about the human rights, they will simply talk about the right of freedom, talk , write, etc . But that are not only the human rights. If we define the human rights, it meant broad. It means the choice and opportunity of an individual to select a job, a career, a partner, a child birth. Lot of rights are there.
Earlier, there were no specific human rights. On October 24, 1945 , after the world war II, the United nations arranged a intergovernmental organization, with the purpose to save the future generations, in the international conflict. The declaration of the Human rights law, was happened during December 10, 1948 and it was drafted by all the representatives of all the regions of the world.

     India, has started a National human rights commission during 12th October, 1993. It has been formed basis on the Human rights Act, 1993. It acts as a public servant. The commission consists of a chair person, and one member from supreme court, he should be the judge of the supreme court, and one member should be a chief justice of the high court, 2 members who must have practical knowledge relating to human rights. And 4 national commissions, from the minority group , women.

The act levied some principles on the NHRC. They are :-

  • The commission should inquire about the violation of human rights, wherever
  • They should interfere in the court’s proceedings , on the basis of human rights
  • They should visit the jail, and check if they are safe under the law of human rights.
  • They should give education to the people, towards the awareness of human rights.
  • Encourage the efforts of NGO towards the human rights.
  • They should review the safeguards provided under the human rights law, if they receive in the proper hands and situations. 

Who is a Human rights defender ?
     A Human rights defender is a person who acts  or promotes for human rights, whether individually or with the group of people. Who all are acting for the safety of the human beings, towards human rights, are named as Human rights defenders.  Human rights violation is an action which abuse, ignore or deny basic human rights to any individual, which includes civic, political, economic rights. Lot of rights are listed under the human rights. Freedom from torture, freedom of slavery. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion .

     The national security and anti-terrorism , will include the Human rights. The healthy environment system is also a tool to the Human rights protection. The right to life, the right to health, the right to private family and the right to property and everything includes under the human rights.
The main human right is the right against women. Women are the major gender who suffers in this human rights violation. We saw lot of abuses against women. Lot of NGO’s are working towards the right of women rights.  It’s a basic thing to give respect to the next individual. If each and every individual has that responsibility, there is no requirement for the human rights law itself. 


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