What do you understand by Bio-technology ?

Bio-technology is the technology based on biology-biotechnology harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet. And the biological processes of microorganisms have been used for more than 6000 years.
The modern biotechnology is used to cure the rare diseases, reduce the environmental footprint, hunger feed, use less and cleaner, safe energy. Now, there are about 250 biotechnology health care products available. And a research says, more than 13.3 million farmers around the world use the biotechnological in agriculture to increase their yields, to save their crops from insects and pests, and they reduce the farming impact in the environment.
Biotech is helping to heal the world by using nature’s own tool box and using our own genetic makeup to heal and guide lines of research.
The research are of various types :-

  • Reducing rates of infectious disease
  • Saving millions of children’s lives
  • Changing the life threatening conditions of the world
  • Treatments for the individuals to minimize health risks and side effects
  • Creating more precise tools for disease
  • Competing with serious illnesses

Some uncertainty is there in the biotechnology . The biotechnology revolution has involved major technological change in the move of the new genetic level. Modern biotechnology has potential to contribute to poverty alleviation through improvements in health. But, to be practically seen a revolution, each and every resolution has its benefits and costs, positives and negatives.
The negative uncertainty of biotechnology revolution may be severe, but its unpredictable. Even though it has been introduced to solve the environmental problems, but it also creates new dangers. It may also threat the human’s health in a new way. Changes in the geography of agricultural production are likely to occur. The global trade relations, may create super winners, or at the same time may create, worst losers. We may face lot of ethical dilemmas.
The uncertainty exists largely because there are many factors which will affect the speed and direction of scientific and technological advances in biotechnology. In the past decades, all have concentrated in the pharmaceutical and agricultural growth and development. The products of genetic engineering are there in the markets, since 1980.

But, there are positive consequences :-

  • Environmental – The major aim in the genetic modification , is to reduce the harmness created in the environment.
  • Health – the WHO has give an opinion that, the huge burden of infectious diseases has been eradicated by the biotechnology. For Eg, malaria is getting cured by applying the biotechnology techniques.
  • Development – Another major positive, is the high yields. Food security is there to all the people, all the times.
  • Protection against misuse – In the recent years, the threat of attacks using biological weapons has been increased. Terrorist attacks have been increased. Genetic and genomic technologies can be extremely useful to be against that biological attack.

Thus, the biological technology, has its own positive and negative reasons. But, anyways its spreading all over the world. There are lot of people who are against the genetic engineering. Yes, the natural resources will go off , if the genetic engineering grows. It’s in the hands of the people, who has to decide on it. 


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