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Death penalty for rapists in India - Just a Discussion

How can we punish the rapists apart from death ? Yes, let’s discuss in detail.  Before discussing about this, we should understand why the women are still not safer in India ? Why the sexual violence is still persists in India ?
The Justice verma committee, suggested some points that why the rapists are doing the criminal actions.  They just, recommended amendments against some loopholes in the law and order.

The points which are brought light by the JVC are :- 

On rape of security agencies, and the principle of “ command responsibility” :- The JVC report made an amendment to the article, in which they have mentioned about the rapes done by the security forces. In case, the rape does take place in the custody place, they recommended that superior office be held responsible along with the junior officer, who committed the criminal.On the rape committed by the Public servants :-  And they have recommended that, there is no prior sanction be required to try public servants, for cases of se…

Election commission of India and its functions

The Election commission of India is a constitutional body responsible for the monitoring the elections. Indian Government established during January 25, 1950. The aim of the Election commission of India is to control the procedures and the process of the Elections. Elections are conducted at various levels, Parliament, State legislatures and the officers.
Let we discuss the initiatives taken by the Election commission of India, T.N Seshan was the one, who levied the rules and responsibilities . They are :-

Use of Scientific and Technological advancements – Electronic Voting Machines ( EVMs) were introduced to improve the reliability and efficiency. Electorals photo identity card were issued in 2004 elections. Multi member commission - The commission was started by only one chief commissioner. But, later they introduced multi member, two additional commissioners were introduced. In between they stopped and they started again.
The power of the Election commission of India :-

Guardian of f…

Conversion of saltwater to drinking water - An idea for Indian water problem

The needy discussion for this current decade. If we calculate all the ocean waters of the Earth. The humans, we, are using 960 cubic miles of fresh water. We are using less than half a percent of ocean waters. But, even then we face the scarcity of water.

To overcome the water scarcity , the only and the important solution is the desalination of the sea water. Yes, that will give a permanent solution to the need of water. We can see people fighting, quarrelling here and there for the water. Water is the essential need of the human being. We can’t imagine a life without water.

But, the problem is that the desalination of water requires a lot of energy. Because, salt dissolves easily in water, and it forms strong chemicals in the water. It is very difficult to separate the chemicals from it. The power of energy and the technology to desalinate water , is more expensive. So, if we follow those procedure, water will become a costly essential thing in the world.

And another great challeng…

India a developing country or developed country

A healthy discussion, India is a developed country or underdeveloped country. Some of the situations says that, India is a developed nation, and some of the worst situations says, India an underdeveloped
Let’s see as a developing nation , first . India is actually a developing and incredible country with its own ancient monuments and unlimited natural resources. It covers an area of 3287263 square kilometers. 
Delhi as its capital, and Mumbai is the economic capital of India. It’s the second largest populated country in the world, and it has diverse culture and religions.
India, has been increasing in its economy level,in the recent decades. With its current policies , India will sure become a developed nation, during 2020. The Indian Technical and Economic cooperation ( ITEC)  programme has introduced expertise and 156 countries in Asia, Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America has Indian students. The ITEC programme has introduced 220 courses ranging from Journalism,

India - UN Council permanent members

India has won the streak in elections to UN bodies demonstrates it is time for the country to become a permanent member of the Security council. What is the UN security council ? It is one of the six principal organs of the United nations and it is established for the motive of the International peace and security. It has started after the world war II.

There are five big members of the UN council. They will tell them as Big five, P 5, permanent members. They are :-
China, France, Russia ,United kingdom and United states. 
And, there are 10 non-permanent members of the UN security council. They are :
Argentina, Australia, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Republic of Korea, Rwanda. 

More than 60 United nations member states have never been the members of the security council.
Now , we have a talk that, India should come in the UN council . Why it has been came into talk ? India has won the poll in the UN board of auditors. Sharma bagged 124 out of 186 ballots during …

Money lending during elections to public for votes in India

Money lending to the public during election :- During election in India, lot of fraudulent will happen. One among, those is the money lending to the public. Yes, the candidates will give money to the poor and needy at that time, and they simply grab their votes. The illiterate people, they don’t know who is the best, they will simply judge the value of the money, they give and put the vote. Yes, the higher paid will get the higher votes.
The political parties collect funds from the companies, which are all un accounted, and the black money from the business houses. This money is getting used to influence the voter, to vote for them. This is called money lending during the election. The business contributions are mostly in cash and are not unaccounted.
They not only give money, the politicians give the bribes for the vote, in various forms. Giving dresses, houses, etc. But we can’t blame the politicians alone, we the people are also responsible for the same. Elections are held in Indi…

Online Applications for Pilot/Observer entry in Indian Navy for both Men and Women - December 2014 Course

The Indian Navy is Inviting Applications from young and energetic Graduates to join the force.  The Selected Candidates will be given Short Service Commission in the Flying Branch of the Indian Navy.

The Training Course is scheduled to Commence on December 2014 at Prestigious Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala.  Only Unmarried Male Candidates are eligible for Pilot entry fulfilling conditions regarding
nationality as laid down by the Government of India are needed to apply.


GENERAL CANDIDATES: AGE: 19-24 YEARS i.e. Born between 02 Jan 1991 and 01 Jan 1996.CPL HOLDERS: 19-25 YEARS Born between 02 Jan 1990 and 01 Jan 1996.
GENERAL CANDIDATES: The Candidate should have a Bachelor’s Degree from a Recognized University with minimum 70% marks. The candidate must be 10+2 qualified with Physics and Mathematics.

CPL HOLDERS: The Candidate should have a Bachelor’s Degree from a Recognized University with minimum 60% marks. The candidate must be 10+2 qualif…

Combining of Indian perennial rivers

What is the perennial river ? Perennial river is the river which has the water throughout the year, is called the perennial river. The perennial rivers plays an important role in India. Rivers provide irrigation, transportation, electricity and the livelihoods for a large number of people all over the country .

There are 4 different plans to combine the perennial rivers in India. They are :-
The Indo-Gangetic plansGanges River systemIndus River systemThe Peninsular River system The Indo-Gangetic plan is also known as Ganga-Satluj system. There are 16 major rivers in this system. The major Himalayan rivers are the Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra. These rivers are connected by tributaries.
The Ganges river system in this system are, Yamuna, Chambal, Betwa, Ganga, Gomti and Brahmaputra. And Hubli also getting joined in the Himalayas rivers. This provides water for irrigation in West Bengal area.
The Indus river system originates in the northern slopes of the kailash range near Lake Mansarov…

Government job or private job which is better?

A million dollar question, which job is best ? Government or private ? 
If this question has been placed before ten or twenty years, everybody will answer as Government job. But, in the recent decades, the private sector has grown well than the Government sector companies.
Just see from the individual point of view, two sides has its own positive and negative sides. Yes, now the private sector started to pay high than the government, but the job security ? let’s discuss the points in detail.

Government job :- Everybody, think that if one is having some Government job, we will imagine a white-collar job. But , that is not true. Because the jobs like, police officers, firefighters includes in Government job. We should not forget that. The positive points, if we hold on a government job :-
Stability – The first and foremost point is the stability in the job, where the other jobs don’t have the stability. Because, the government can’t close the business, and recession won’t come.

SSC Online CAPF Notification 2014

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is going to conduct Examination for the Recruitment of Sub-Inspectors, Assistant Sub-Inspectors to Various Central Armed Police Forces. The Central Armed Police Forces or Paramilitary forces comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India. So this indeed is a golden opportunity for those who wish to serve the Mother land with utmost Honour and Dedication.

Delhi Police: Recruitment to the Post of Sub-Inspector.
Border Security Force (BSF): Recruitment to the Post of Sub-Inspector.
Central Industrial Security Force (CISF): Recruitment to the Post of Sub-Inspector, Assistant Sub-Inspector.
Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF): Recruitment to the Post of Sub-Inspector.
Indo-Tibetan Border Police force (ITBP): Recruitment to the Post of Sub-Inspector.
Sashathra Seema Bal (SSB): Recruitment to the Post of Sub-Inspector.


Male:          90  48     27  13  178

Does US Economy affects Indian Corporates?

The important question of the current scenario, does US Economy affects Indian corporate? Of course, it does. We can in simple words, if the US government sneezes, the world catches cold. All the corporate companies of different parts of the world, depends upon the US Economy. They have spread their business to such extent.

The US slowdown will impact the smaller IT-ITES firms more than the other corporates. The midsize IT-ITES will get affect more because of the US economy slowdown. The rupee has been strengthening against the dollar says how the Indian markets got affected because of the US economy now. When the BSE sensex got dipped nearly 13 percent , during January this year, the Indian stock markets, got crashed off.

The US slowdown is due to the structural readjustments within the country, whereas its impact is on global economic, scenario is caused by the changing fundamentals in the currency, energy and the financial markets. The US recession is likely to have a dual impact …

Lokpal bill is essential or not

What is Lokpal ? 
Lokpal acts as a ombudsman in India. It has been acting as a legal representative of Indian citizens. The Lokpal bill provides for the filing, with the ombudsman, of complaints of corruption against the prime minister, other ministers and MP’s. We are here to discuss about, if the Lokpall is essential or not.  The Lokpal bill was for the first time, during the fourth Lok sabha in 1968, and it got passed in 1969. The Lokpal bill got dissolved, and it remains pending in Rajya sabha. The Jan lokpal bill is an anti-corruption bill , for the safety of the citizens. The bill states that , we need a separate body, which will take care of the anti-corruption cases. And it laid down some rules such as, the cases has to be finished within one year.

The bill was drafted by Justice santhosh Hudge, who worked as a supreme court judge and lokayukta of  Karnataka, Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal, who is the activist in RTI. Anna hazare, who is fighting for this bill,  he did f…

Reality TV Shows in India

The topic which we are going to discuss here, is the perfect scenario of today’s life. The reality TV shows. Nowadays, the shows has become more famous and popular, with some negative aspects too. Let’s discuss in detail.
The reality TV shows, started during 1990’s. Now, TV has become the most endeavor to the society, because of the reality TV shows. It is making the people to glue to the shows and keep the viewers follows up continuously.

The top 10 reality TV shows in India :- 

Kaun Banega crorepati ( Sony TV )– The most famous and popular reality show is Kaun Banega crorepati. It has been done in all the languages, throughout the nation.  This show is giving chance to common people to show their knowledge to the world. And it was hosted by the Great actor Amithab Bachan. Bigg boss ( Colors ) – This show is with some of the celebrities. They spent three months in a house with only the basic amenities. The cameras are put all around the house. This show is one of the controversial rea…

Influence of western culture in India

The current scenario of India, is it has been influenced by the western culture a lot. Yes, we can see negative impact than the positive impact. Let’s discuss in detail.

India , being a secular nation, it has a freedom that anyone can follow any religion, any custom, any religion.  Because of this, Indians are accepting all the cultures and the traditions, coming into the nation, easily. Each and every culture, have some good and bad features. People of different nations recognized by their culture. It is the duty of the citizens to protect and preserve their culture and ethnicity.

The impact of western culture is more and deep, as if, wherever we go and whenever we see, we can see the western code of conduct and dresses. We may wonder, sometimes, whether we are at our own nation India, or any foreign nation. The thing is, no other country will get impact by other nations, as like India. To know about how we have got the impact , just don’t want to go around and search. Just look at…

Indian Coast Guard Recruiting Law Graduates as Law Officers

An Excellent Opportunity has opened for Male Law Graduates as Indian Coast Guard released notification against the Recruitment of Law Officers.  The Indian Coast Guard is one of the four Armed Forces of India working under the Ministry of Defense along with Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.  The Recruitment is to the rank of Assistant Commandant (Law). Note that this is a “Group ‘A’ Gazetted Officer” rank which is equivalent to Lieutenant/Sub Lieutenant/Flying Officer in Indian Army/Navy/Air Force.

Number of Vacancies: 04 (Four).


Educational Requirement: Those who are Unmarried Male Indian Citizen Possessing a Degree in Law with Minimum 60% marks are eligible to apply.
The Degree Must be Three Years Degree after Graduation or Five Years after 10+2.
Those who have not completed their degree are not needed to apply.
Age Requirement: One must be born between 01 July 1984 and 30 June 1993. Both dates are inclusive.  Relaxation of the Upper Age Limit is applied…

Officer Entry for Musicians in Indian Navy

The Indian Navy is Inviting Applications from young and energetic Musicians to join the force.
The Selected Candidates will be given Permanent Commission in the Executive Branch of the 
Indian Navy.  The Training Course is scheduled to Commence on July 2014 at Prestigious Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala.  Only Unmarried Male Candidates fulfilling conditions regarding nationality as laid down by the Government of India are needed to apply.


AGE: 21-25 YEARS Born between 01 July 1989 and 02 July 1993.
EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: The Candidate should have a Bachelor’s Degree from a Recognized University. It is necessary to have fluency in written and spoken English.
PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION: The Candidate must have a Grade-5 certificate or above for Piano, from any of the recognized board such as Trinity College of London, 
Associated Board of Royal School of Music or London College of Music or Bangalore Conservatory of Music.
MUSICAL ABILITY: The ability to play a Brass instrume…

Online Applications for the grant of Short Service Commission (SSC) in Executive Branch (General Service/Hydro cadre) and Technical Branches of the Indian Navy.

The Indian Navy is Inviting Applications from Engineering Graduates to join the force as Short Service Commissioned Officers in Executive Branch (General Service/Hydro cadre) and Technical Branches for
the December 2014 Course conducting at prestigious Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala.
Applications are invited from Unmarried Male candidates for the grant of Short Service Commission (SSC) in Executive Branch (General Service/Hydro cadre) and Technical Branches of the Indian Navy.The training is conducted by prestigious Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala situated in Kannur district of Kerala state. The training is scheduled to commence in December 2014.ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS:- Technical Branch (General Service)  ’E’ & ‘L’ and Age 19.5 to 25 yrs 02 Jan 1990 to 01 July 1995Submarine Specialization and 19.5 to 25 yrs 02 Jan 1990 to 01 July 1995Executive Branch (General Service/ Hydro) 19.5 to 25 yrs 02 Jan 1990 to 01 July 1995 Educational Requirements:- A Candidate should be BE/B.Tech Graduate …

Internet and Email in day to day life

The source, which we are interacting is the Internet. Internet is the essential thing, which has become very essential of our day-to-day life. The Internet service provider is allows you to communicate with the people around the world. The Internet service provider is the company that you use and pay in order to gain access to the internet such as your cable, DSL, Satellite or phone company.
The internet is a global network connection millions of computers.  Yes, it can be simply say in such way. More than 100 countries are linked into exchanges of data, news and opinions. Each and every internet browser, act independent. It has a massive network with  a networking infrastructure. The internet carries on exchange of data, via World wide web, which will support the infrastructure to support email, and all the networks.
The internet originated during the year 1960’s, in the United states government. As of June 2012, more than 2.4 billion people – over a third of the world’s human popul…

Thought of youth about career in Armed Forces

The recent youth generation is the well-informed generation. They are mentally mobile, analytically aware, surgically sharp and clinically precise. The Indian teenager is into an upcoming culture. Their career option differs from our previous generation.
Let’s discuss about the career in armed forces. To join in the armed forces s a matter of honour and pride . Armed forces are the saviours and defenders of our Nation. It is one of the noble profession, which everyone can’t work. Those who have the passion, those who have the physical fitness, mental strength, readly to live away from their family. And the family should also support them , regarding this.  The family also should have the sacrificing and strong mental attitude, to send their son or husband to work in the armed forces.
The armed forces are of three categories :- i) Army ii) Navy and iii) Indian force. The armed forces, not only save our country. They worked during all the external threats, natural calamities , etc. For…

Foreign investment in India

India provides one of the safest and the comfort zone for the foreign investors, to grow more, among all the developing nations. The reason behind it, India has a pro-active government policy for foreign investment, and the liberalization of the Indian economy. And India has the largest democracy and 10th largest economy in the world. The Ernst & Young’s 2012 India Attractiveness surveys says that, India is a place of attractive destination for the foreign investors.

What do you mean by FDI ? 
FDI – Foreign direct investment by a company in production located in another country either by buying a company in the country or by expanding operations of an existing business in the country.
Why it is been done ? Foreign investment is being done for many reasons , the main reasons behind it are, to take the advantages of the cheaper wages of the country as an incentive, to gain the tariff-free access to the markets of the country of the region. FDI in India, has been regulated and formul…

Price rise in India and Inflation rate

The prices of the commodities, may vary according to the market situations about the demand and supply. If any of the commodity or  crops have been made surplus, but the demand of the products, decreased, the decrease in the price, will lead to inflation. Inflation arises, when there is an imbalance between the demand and the supply of the money. Inflation is calculated on the basis of the WPI – wholesale price index.

To talk economically, in the formula = WPI in the month of the current year – WPI in same month in the previous year / ( divided by ) WPI in the same month the previous year. 

In the economic development, it is natural that a moderate increase of 2 to 3 percent per annum in the price levels.  Is there any tolerable limit for the price rise ? There is no clear cut answer for that.
Let us discuss about the factors for the rise in the prices :-

Area and the production, which is dependant according to the weather and technologyMinimum support priceGovernment policiesSubstitute…

Public sector vs private sector in India

The two major sources which are ruling the country, is the private sector and the public sector. The public sector, is to provide services to the community. Private sectors don’t have that service motive, simply earning. This can be said as major difference.
To define the private sector, the companies which are run by individuals and  for profit, simply.  For-profit business. In most free-market economies, the private sector is the sector where most jobs are held.

Public sector :- The public sector is usually composed of organizations that are owned and managed by the Government. This includes, federal, provincial, state, or municipal governments, depending on where you live. Privacy legislation usually calls organizations in the public sector a public body or a public authority. Educational bodies, health care bodies, police and prison services, and local and central government bodies, and other departments includes the public sector.

Private sector :- The private sector is usually co…

River water disputes in India

The major thing which is being a problem in India, for years are River water disputes. As per the Inter-state water disputes act, 1956, the water disputes started arises among two or more State Governments. Rivers serve a multitude of purposes. They are the sources of water for domestic, municipal and agricultural uses, as well as for hydropower, fisheries and recreational purposes.
If we points the river water disputes, the major dispute, coming into our mind, is the Krishna river water dispute. Let us discuss that in detail.  The Krishna river is the biggest river in peninsular India. It originates near Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra from the statue of a cow in a temple. It then runs for a distance of 303 km in Maharashtra. 480 km through the breadth of North Karnataka and the rest of its 1300 km journey in Andhra Pradesh, before it empties into the Bay of Bengal.
The main issue that Karnataka contends that it does not receive much water, as Tamil nadu. The sharing of river water has…

Ocean development in India

The Department of ocean development was formed during July 1981. It is a nodal and independent department under the direct charge of Prime minister. The requirement is that, it organizes, co-ordinates and promotes ocean development activities. The main policy of the ocean development is to utilize the marine living and nonliving resources for the social benefits of the country, in a sustainable manner, issued during 1982.
India is a country which has a long coastline and around 37% of India’s population derive benefits from the sea. To talk in the area wise, India has a sea area of 2 million square km along with 1 to 1.5 million of continental shelf , against the land area of 3.28 million sq km. Even some developed countries, don’t have a separate department for the ocean development.
The ocean development has 6 departments below it :-

Scientific expeditions to AntarcticaCoastal zone & Islands ResearchSurveys for Living & Non-living ResourcesHuman resource development in Marine…