Conversion of saltwater to drinking water - An idea for Indian water problem

The needy discussion for this current decade. If we calculate all the ocean waters of the Earth. The humans, we, are using 960 cubic miles of fresh water. We are using less than half a percent of ocean waters. But, even then we face the scarcity of water.

To overcome the water scarcity , the only and the important solution is the desalination of the sea water. Yes, that will give a permanent solution to the need of water. We can see people fighting, quarrelling here and there for the water. Water is the essential need of the human being. We can’t imagine a life without water.

But, the problem is that the desalination of water requires a lot of energy. Because, salt dissolves easily in water, and it forms strong chemicals in the water. It is very difficult to separate the chemicals from it. The power of energy and the technology to desalinate water , is more expensive. So, if we follow those procedure, water will become a costly essential thing in the world.

And another great challenge is that, the cost of the desalination differs from place to place. As the salt contents differ from place to place. Ok, let’s see the two major methods, which can be used to separate the fresh water from the salt water. They are thermal distillation and membrane separation.

How the thermal distillation works ? this involves the step of heating the water, the water turns into vapor – leaves the salt behind – that will be collected and condensed back into water by cooling it down.
And the another method, membrane separation is also called reverse osmosis. Seawater is forced through a semipermeable membrane which will separate salt from the water. This method is better that any other method. It requires less energy and less cost.

And there are natural issues are there in using the sea water for desalination problems. The small creatures in the sea water, may die. And if we suck the ocean water too, we may face few other problems also. Already we have sucked the enough ground water for our use. And we have tapped all the rivers, by building dams, all over the world.

But to think about economically and environmentally, desalination is better than pumping water from the ground level. Because, the world’s population is getting increased, and the water availability is getting less and less, we have to think about the desalination, as a remedy to the water scarcity.

Whatever may be, we should thing and spend each and every drop of water. And we should save trees, and plant trees to give water to our next generation. Already the ponds, rivers and all are slowly vanishing from the earth. If we consume the sea water also, it should get finished !!!.. Everyone should have the awareness of  saving water and less consuming water. Think as each and every drop is a money and spend accordingly… that will be the permanent solution !!


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