Death penalty for rapists in India - Just a Discussion

How can we punish the rapists apart from death ? Yes, let’s discuss in detail.  Before discussing about this, we should understand why the women are still not safer in India ? Why the sexual violence is still persists in India ?
The Justice verma committee, suggested some points that why the rapists are doing the criminal actions.  They just, recommended amendments against some loopholes in the law and order.

The points which are brought light by the JVC are :- 

  1. On rape of security agencies, and the principle of “ command responsibility” :- The JVC report made an amendment to the article, in which they have mentioned about the rapes done by the security forces. In case, the rape does take place in the custody place, they recommended that superior office be held responsible along with the junior officer, who committed the criminal.
  2. On the rape committed by the Public servants :-  And they have recommended that, there is no prior sanction be required to try public servants, for cases of sexual assault. And they have added that politicians with pending cases of sexual crimes  should be disqualified, to participate in the electoral.  
  3. On the death penalty :- it does not recommends the death penalty directly to the rapists, but they have recommended death penalty to the accused, if the victim died because of the rapism. 

On the medical examination of rape survivors :-  It has recommended that, the physical examination of the victim, should be prohibited. The two-finger test should be eradicated.   The case of Nirbhaya brought into light the terror face of the men towards the women. The New Delhi crime, it is addressed by the law as “sphine calling”. The convict’s offence, which was not worthy of human condonation.  In this kind of cases, the death is the right justice.

And the rape on the child. Yes, in that case, sure the judgement should be given death penaly only. People who literally tear open a child to commit a sexual crime upon a small child, is not human, therefore they are not fit into the Humane treatment. They have no value to the society at all, and it is must that they justice, to be the death penalty.

And death penalty for the rapists, will avoid the persons may not harm anybody in future. And the persons, who are seeing the death penalty, will have the fear to commit the crime, again. So, the death penalty will give the solution to the rapism. Gang rapes, should be given death penalty.
But, if we look into other eye, some points are there to say NO to the death penalty.  It is not that we have to follow the law of “an eye for an eye “. The death penalty is very extreme. Some may realize their mistakes in the imprisonment itself .

You can preach and teach the criminals, instead of giving them the death penalty. That also can be done. The death penalty shows that, any reason can take a life of the person.
The death penalty should be imposed on the rapists, only if the victim has died, or equally to loss of death, has been occurred.

Thus, there are several arguments towards the death penalty of the rapists. But, the person who are giving the justice, should think well and do. And the person who are doing such rapists, should get fear, not only because of the death penalty. They can be threatened in various ways, followed by other countries of the world.

We can make the rapists, should feel ashamed of themselves.  Iraq is giving lifetime imprisonment. 25 years of imprisonment in Pakistan,  China gives severe punishments to the rapists.
Government has to decide and do in such a way, no such inhuman crime should not be happen again in the Nation !!!


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