Government job or private job which is better?

A million dollar question, which job is best ? Government or private ? 
If this question has been placed before ten or twenty years, everybody will answer as Government job. But, in the recent decades, the private sector has grown well than the Government sector companies.
Just see from the individual point of view, two sides has its own positive and negative sides. Yes, now the private sector started to pay high than the government, but the job security ? let’s discuss the points in detail.

Government job :- Everybody, think that if one is having some Government job, we will imagine a white-collar job. But , that is not true. Because the jobs like, police officers, firefighters includes in Government job. We should not forget that. The positive points, if we hold on a government job :-
Stability – The first and foremost point is the stability in the job, where the other jobs don’t have the stability. Because, the government can’t close the business, and recession won’t come.
Flexibility – We can see a healthy-work life balance in the office. The senior officials, won’t be very strict , and no time limits, no targets as like the private sales guys.
Benefits – Government will give more benefits to the employees. Lot of health plans and retirement plans, pensions.
Time off – Vacation time is more for the government officials. And they can spend the proper timing with the family and for their personal benefits.

Some negative points are also there, in the government job :-

Slow salary growth :- The appraisals won’t be that much good. They wont increase as like the private companies. The top performers will get less only and a worst attitude is , the seniors event they are not performing well , they may get good salary. Yes, the salary growth is according to the ages, not by the performance.
Earning potential – As the government pay less than the private sectors, many government employees jump to the private sector.
Low levels of control – there is no control over the bribes in the government sectors.
Lazy co-workers – some workers will work what is allotted to them, and they wont work more, they remain lazy. This will spoil the other works also.

Let, look about the private sector jobs. The private sector companies are growing fast than the government sector jobs.
Work nature – The work culture and conduct will be good. The person can show his ability more in the private sectors. And they get good exposure and appreciation. All will get treated equally.
Promotions :- The promotions are more in the private sector, more salary . We can grow quickly, in the private sector. Easily buying own house, car, the standard of living will be high if we work in private sector.
Passionate :- The people who are ambitious and passionate, will be rewarded for their performance , at each and every level. The system is fast and growth we can get easily
The private sectors has more negatives :-
More stressful job. Yes, we can see lot of people are suffering from various diseases because of the stress in their job style Job security wont be there. No time limits, you have to be available 24/7 hours. Can be fired at any time. If you are little sluggish during the probationary period, you can be fired if you are not performing well.
Very competitive and lot of politics will be there. Each and every person will be playing internally. Easily people will dig us and grow even they don’t have knowledge simply by putting others down.
But, to take the decision, which is better ? its in the individual’s hands. If one who is more aggragative in his about his passionate towards career, can choose private sector, who is fond to earn money, can go to private sector. But, simply if you want the secured job for lifetime and slow growth, we can select the government sector. But, the real fact is we can get job easily in private sector than the Government sector!!. 


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