India a developing country or developed country

A healthy discussion, India is a developed country or underdeveloped country. Some of the situations says that, India is a developed nation, and some of the worst situations says, India an underdeveloped
Let’s see as a developing nation , first . India is actually a developing and incredible country with its own ancient monuments and unlimited natural resources. It covers an area of 3287263 square kilometers. 
Delhi as its capital, and Mumbai is the economic capital of India. It’s the second largest populated country in the world, and it has diverse culture and religions.
India, has been increasing in its economy level,in the recent decades. With its current policies , India will sure become a developed nation, during 2020. The Indian Technical and Economic cooperation ( ITEC)  programme has introduced expertise and 156 countries in Asia, Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America has Indian students. The ITEC programme has introduced 220 courses ranging from Journalism,
IT, Rural electrification, Textile designing to commerce and science. This shows, India as a developing country, with the help of Education.   India, is not a rich country, but it possess the skills of manpower and technology , appropriate to the geographical area and the population. India is rich in culture and manpower. Once, the great megastar Amitabh bachchan, says that, he hates someone telling India a developing country. Because, he wants India to be known as a developed nation. Yes, its not just in the words.
Let’s see further, as India as a developed nation. There are various reasons, to deny India as a developed nation.

Even the well developed nations China , US were once upon a small nation. India can become a developed country, if it fulfills the following needs :-

  1. Proper governance , yes the government, the politics should be improved . 
  2. An anti-corruption bureau should be set up. 
  3. 100% literacy, because education will give the changes and meet the challenges
  4. Investment should he happen in infrastructure, like roads, electricity basic needs
  5. Promotion of national integrity and unity
  6. Strong rules against discrimination Strong rules should be levied against women harassment, women should be treated equal, which will give a great change, as the women are the major participants of the nation.

Why it is stopping? yes, we should ask this question to ourself. We , the citizens should think it of and act accordingly, towards the developed nation. We have changed in many ways, culture, consuming
products, etc. All the unwanted things, we have learnt about. Our thought process remains the same.
The change should come in all the ways, not only adopting the western culture, it should come in the broad thoughts Why Japan has become a developed country ? Even though the great bomb blasts Hiroshima and
Nagasaki did not destroy the Japanese culture and the Empire of Japan had done some serious works, to become a developed Nation.
India, we citizens, should not give up our culture, and just holding that we can grow as a developed country, sure .. !!!


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