India - UN Council permanent members

India has won the streak in elections to UN bodies demonstrates it is time for the country to become a permanent member of the Security council. What is the UN security council ? It is one of the six principal organs of the United nations and it is established for the motive of the International peace and security. It has started after the world war II.

There are five big members of the UN council. They will tell them as Big five, P 5, permanent members. They are :-
China, France, Russia ,United kingdom and United states. 
And, there are 10 non-permanent members of the UN security council. They are :
Argentina, Australia, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Republic of Korea, Rwanda. 

More than 60 United nations member states have never been the members of the security council.
Now , we have a talk that, India should come in the UN council . Why it has been came into talk ? India has won the poll in the UN board of auditors. Sharma bagged 124 out of 186 ballots during the election held in General Assembly’s fifth committee on Administrative and Budgetary questions.
Mukerji said India’s winning streak in crucial UN elections demonstrates that the country should now actually be sitting at the UN security council high table. And he added a point that, India apart from the experience in tradition audit, India will bring to the table expertise in newer areas like environmental audit, business systems and IT audit. And, the impact of India’s expertise in these areas will now be felt on the global scene, he added that point too.

The role of the permanent members are , the five permanent members of the Security Council were the victorious powers in world war II. Every year , there have been proposals for the new permanent members. Usually, they will propose the following 4 countries, Brazil, Germany, India and Japan.
Most of the leading candidates in the permanent membership are regularly elected into the security council . Japan and Brazil were elected for nine two-year terms each and Germany for three terms. Indian has been elected into the council, 7 times.  India, which entered and sat as a member during 1993 in the UN security council, will replace China, soon .. !!


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