Influence of western culture in India

The current scenario of India, is it has been influenced by the western culture a lot. Yes, we can see negative impact than the positive impact. Let’s discuss in detail.

India , being a secular nation, it has a freedom that anyone can follow any religion, any custom, any religion.  Because of this, Indians are accepting all the cultures and the traditions, coming into the nation, easily. Each and every culture, have some good and bad features. People of different nations recognized by their culture. It is the duty of the citizens to protect and preserve their culture and ethnicity.

The impact of western culture is more and deep, as if, wherever we go and whenever we see, we can see the western code of conduct and dresses. We may wonder, sometimes, whether we are at our own nation India, or any foreign nation. The thing is, no other country will get impact by other nations, as like India. To know about how we have got the impact , just don’t want to go around and search. Just look at your home and your dress codes, food habits, etc.

Even it placed its impact in our Education system too. English has become the primary subject and language to everyone. Another sad feature, which I want to mention here, the language we are talking. Just go to a public place, we can’t find out, which city they are belong to India. Everyone will talk in English only. And the most worst part, the parents are talking to their kids in English only, then how the mother tongue will come? Schools are delivering that strong impact about English. The height of this, we can see that the person who known to be talk in English, is treating to be a pride and smartest person in the society.

The culture start to spread during 19th century itself, when they started spreading their colonies. If we think this issue deeply, we can understand that, simply we got Independence for the name sake, but we lose our individuality, which is equal to be a slave. But, its our duty to learn the good things from the western culture, instead of adopting all the unwanted bad things.

The oldest civilization on Earth is known to be India. The Indian tradition starts from 8000 BC  and has a continuous record. Westernization should not affect the core traditions of India society. We can adopt from the western culture the good things like, punctuality, trustworthiness, loyalty, professionalism. The equal rights to the women, can also be welcomed and adored, but to some extent. Sometimes, we can see the women are getting spoiled with smoking and drinking habits.

And another culture, which we adopted , and we are suffered because of that, is the alcohol consuming party. Yes, and the drinking habit, is affecting all the standards of the society. Start from the rich to the poor all are affected. Western countries, have the drinking habit, because of their climatic condition. Here, we don’t have that climatic condition. We should think and do .

India, is known for its religious nation. The great negative points are,  the lack of morals, the lacking faith in God, having late night parties, the influence of drugs and alcohols. We are slowly lacking the interests in our languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi, etc.

But, along with all our festivals, we have started celebrating the mother’s day, father’s day, friendship day, valentine’s day. One side, its pleasure to give importance to each and every relationship, via this day’s. But, we should not lose the practice of celebrating our own festivals.

The most important feature of India , is the practicing the values. These values are deeply rooted within the heart, mind, body and soul. The culture was unique, in its own way. We should not lose it. We can admire the western culture and apply it whenever they needed. But, we should not lose our own brand.
Citizens of India !!!, it is our duty to preserve our culture !!!.. 


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