Internet and Email in day to day life

The source, which we are interacting is the Internet. Internet is the essential thing, which has become very essential of our day-to-day life. The Internet service provider is allows you to communicate with the people around the world. The Internet service provider is the company that you use and pay in order to gain access to the internet such as your cable, DSL, Satellite or phone company.
The internet is a global network connection millions of computers.  Yes, it can be simply say in such way. More than 100 countries are linked into exchanges of data, news and opinions. Each and every internet browser, act independent. It has a massive network with  a networking infrastructure. The internet carries on exchange of data, via World wide web, which will support the infrastructure to support email, and all the networks.
The internet originated during the year 1960’s, in the United states government. As of June 2012, more than 2.4 billion people – over a third of the world’s human population has started using the services of the internet. The Internet referring to the specific global systems of interconnected IP networks. The internet continues to grow, driven by ever greater amounts of online information and knowledge, commerce, entertainment and social networking.
Electronic mail, most commonly said as electronic mail, since 1993. E mail , is a method of exchanging and digital messages from an author to a recipient or recipients. Email is possible only with internet. We want to send the mails. Microsoft mail, gmail, yahoo mail, rediffmail, hotmail and Lotus Notes are the famous form of mails. All the corporate houses, offices are working through mails.
All the communication happens through mails only. Email includes :-

  • To – email addresses , to whom the mails has to be received, the recipients
  • Subject – Short summary about the message body. 
  • Bcc - Blind carbon copy – The other recipients, in  which the other recipients can’t see.
  • Cc – Carbon copy – many email recipients will get marked in it.
  • Content – the real information
  • Signature as if writing a letter
  • References – Message id of the message , which has to reply to .
  • Reply – To reply the same message
  • Sender – Address of the actual sender
  • Forward – If you want to forward the same message to someone
  • Archived – Direct link to the form of an individual short message

How all email is helping people ?

  1. Follow-up – E mail is the powerful too to follow up any action, whether its in the office or for our personal reasons, or any important work. Financial works, which has need a record, like loans, insurance, etc.
  2. Praise and apprecitation – The praise via email is very powerful, it gives the real strength to the person, who is being appreciated
  3. Timeshifting – People with different timezones, can communication briefly, an employee in UK, can deliver his points to a person in India
  4. Filtering – Phone calls and text messages are difficult to screen it. Email we can screen it.
  5. One-to-many communications – Can communicate to large amounts to people
  6. Sending documents and pictures –  Email is very powerful to send, files , documents, pictures and more
  7. Mobility – With the great mobile access of the mail, we are no longer to keep the desk activation of files and all. 

Even though, it has so many advantages, it reduces the personal touch between the people. Even, by sitting next, we can see in offices, for simple reasons, they send mails and create issues. Sometimes, it lacks our time, unnecessarily. IT  Industry is the one industry which developed the mail culture.
Internet and Email are the good weapons, to achieve anything in our life, by simply sitting before the computer. Yes, world is in your hands. 


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