Money lending during elections to public for votes in India

Money lending to the public during election :- During election in India, lot of fraudulent will happen. One among, those is the money lending to the public. Yes, the candidates will give money to the poor and needy at that time, and they simply grab their votes. The illiterate people, they don’t know who is the best, they will simply judge the value of the money, they give and put the vote. Yes, the higher paid will get the higher votes.
The political parties collect funds from the companies, which are all un accounted, and the black money from the business houses. This money is getting used to influence the voter, to vote for them. This is called money lending during the election. The business contributions are mostly in cash and are not unaccounted.
They not only give money, the politicians give the bribes for the vote, in various forms. Giving dresses, houses, etc. But we can’t blame the politicians alone, we the people are also responsible for the same. Elections are held in India, for Rajya sabha, Lok sabha and the State legislative assemblies. The Chief election commissioner , spoke in NDTV as such, Election has become a big corruption, in the recent decades.
The candidates spend lot of money during the election, that they will spend more to the citizens to get the vote. Here is the place where the corruption starts. After the candidates got selected , they have the intensity to get the money back, which they spent towards election. If one party spends money, the other party will spends like a spendthrift. This is really a matter of agonizing the citizens, who go and vote for them. Voting is the fundamental right of the citizens. But, due to this kind of criminal activities, its getting spoiled.
The another way of money lending, is the money they are spending towards the media . Yes, they pay more on the news coverage . Bribing voter was widespread during the elections 2009-10. It is happening in the small towns, in which no one can oppose it, before and after villages. And the system of caste and religion are also there in widespread during elections.
It is the problem of the citizens that they are not using their power properly, which is furnished to them.
The sad part of this money lending , is they distribute liquors to the poor people, during election. As a result, violence has been increased during elections.
And many other malpractices are also done by the politicians. Rigging or voters intimidation, impersonation and providing transport and conveyance of voters for to and fro the polling stations.
During 2011, The Hindu has released an article about the bribing of the candidates to the voters. They have mentioned as such :-
Bribes from political parties to voters, in the form of cash, goods or services, are a regular feature of elections in South India. Poor voters expect bribes from political candidates, and the candidates in turn expect the ways to satisfy their needs.
This is the scenario of India, during elections, this should change. Yes, each and every citizen should utilize their voting right. Some educated people, don’t want to interfere in the politics and hesitate to vote. We should not be like that, if we are not voting somebody will use it wrongly. So , use your right.
Use the Voting right, and vote for the Right !!!..  Don’t accept bribes, make it as a slogan… Dont encourage criminals by accepting the bribes.. !!!


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