Ocean development in India

The Department of ocean development was formed during July 1981. It is a nodal and independent department under the direct charge of Prime minister. The requirement is that, it organizes, co-ordinates and promotes ocean development activities. The main policy of the ocean development is to utilize the marine living and nonliving resources for the social benefits of the country, in a sustainable manner, issued during 1982.
India is a country which has a long coastline and around 37% of India’s population derive benefits from the sea. To talk in the area wise, India has a sea area of 2 million square km along with 1 to 1.5 million of continental shelf , against the land area of 3.28 million sq km. Even some developed countries, don’t have a separate department for the ocean development.
The ocean development has 6 departments below it :-

  1. Scientific expeditions to Antarctica
  2. Coastal zone & Islands Research
  3. Surveys for Living & Non-living Resources
  4. Human resource development in Marine Sciences
  5. National Institute of Ocean Technology, Madras
  6. esign of Marine Instrumentation & Systems

The features of the ocean development policy are :-

  • To do assessment and survey for the sustainable utilization of the ocean resources, living and non living sources of ocean energy.
  • Introducing technological advances for the utilization and preservation of the marine environment.
  • To do developmental activities such as instrumentation, diving systems, position fixing, materials development and oceanic data collecting devices.
  • Established of an ocean information system, using the foreign sources, and to get co-operation at international level.
  • Contribution towards ranking research in polar sciences
  • Creation of centers in excellence in academic institutions and public awareness on the potential uses of ocean.

The centers which are working under the ocean development are , working in the coastal areas 

  • National institute of ocean technology at Chennai 
  • Antartic and ocean research centre at Goa
  • Indian centre for ocean and information information services at Hyderabad
  • Integrated coastal and Marine area management at Chennai
  • Centre for marine living resources and Ecology at Kochi.

The applications of this ocean development programme are :-

  • Environmental Impact Assessment :- It monitors the coastal and marine environment, continuously
  • Meterology :- It maintains the meterological data which helps during the depressions and cyclones
  • Oceanogrophy :- The data collected by this application will help to enhance the knowledge of Indian ocean circulation
  • Fisheries :- The sea surface temperature and quality parameters used in identifying potential fishing zones
  • Shipping :- The data on the sea state, wind, wave and currents, is very useful for navigation. 

Thus, India plays its vital role in the Ocean development. Wishing them the Sustainable success !


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