Reality TV Shows in India

The topic which we are going to discuss here, is the perfect scenario of today’s life. The reality TV shows. Nowadays, the shows has become more famous and popular, with some negative aspects too. Let’s discuss in detail.
The reality TV shows, started during 1990’s. Now, TV has become the most endeavor to the society, because of the reality TV shows. It is making the people to glue to the shows and keep the viewers follows up continuously.

The top 10 reality TV shows in India :- 

  1. Kaun Banega crorepati ( Sony TV )– The most famous and popular reality show is Kaun Banega crorepati. It has been done in all the languages, throughout the nation.  This show is giving chance to common people to show their knowledge to the world. And it was hosted by the Great actor Amithab Bachan. 
  2. Bigg boss ( Colors ) – This show is with some of the celebrities. They spent three months in a house with only the basic amenities. The cameras are put all around the house. This show is one of the controversial reality show in India. The hosts of this show is changing in every season. 
  3. Roadies ( M TV ) – This is one of the famous youth reality show of India. The tasks performed by the contestants of this program became very famous. Now this season, has crossed more than 10 seasons. 
  4. Jalak Thikla jaa ( Sony TV ) – The various fields celebrities will dance on the floor. And they paired with one choreographer. 
  5. Dance India Dance ( Zee TV ) – Dance India Dance is the most famous dance reality shows of the country. This show is giving chance to common people to show and prove their dancing talent. 

In Tamilnadu also, we have lot of reality shows. The famous shows are :-
Airtel super singer ( Vijay TV )– The most favourite reality show in the country. Slowly, it has became most famous all over India, all over the world too. Yes, it has influenced the people a lot. And, it has bringing out the good voices outside. Many  of the title winners, the top contestants has become participants as playback singers in cinemas too. It seeks the best singing talent .
Then the another famous reality show is the dancing episodes, the Jodi No.1, and Maanada mayilada. Celebrities will dance and won the title. It has gone more than 10 seasons.  Ok, let’s see how the reality shows has made an impact on the society. The media is an opportunity to view a different world. Reality TV shows, has broken the monotony to create interesting concepts and innovative ideas that made them stand out of the regular shows. As worldwide, the media won the place with the reality shows, India also made compulsory to get into the race of reality TV shows.
Reality TV shows are attracting all ages of people. But, a research says that, youth below 25 years, watch the reality TV shows with a curiosity, as they depict the shows and characters. It founds to be entertaining. It explores college students. Between the age of 18-39 , the impact is about 73 %. The impact is because, they like how people behave in the reality shows.
The reality shows like “Big boss” and adventures shows like “ Roadies”, it affects and influences the ociety. People are liking watching, another’s life, which is highly ridiculous. Creepy adventures, they perform in the shows. Each and every viewer, need not be reading the disclaimer of the shows. Many TV shows are incredibly sensitive for weak hearted, kids & women to watch a show like that. Rating should be given to the reality shows as like movies.
But, I hope that viewers have the smartness these days, to differentiate between the reality and the non-reality !!! 


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