Thought of youth about career in Armed Forces

The recent youth generation is the well-informed generation. They are mentally mobile, analytically aware, surgically sharp and clinically precise. The Indian teenager is into an upcoming culture. Their career option differs from our previous generation.
Let’s discuss about the career in armed forces. To join in the armed forces s a matter of honour and pride . Armed forces are the saviours and defenders of our Nation. It is one of the noble profession, which everyone can’t work. Those who have the passion, those who have the physical fitness, mental strength, readly to live away from their family. And the family should also support them , regarding this.  The family also should have the sacrificing and strong mental attitude, to send their son or husband to work in the armed forces.
The armed forces are of three categories :- i) Army ii) Navy and iii) Indian force. The armed forces, not only save our country. They worked during all the external threats, natural calamities , etc. For example, the work did during the recent flood , uttarakhand, can be a best example for that. They dedicated their 24x7 hours for them. And another great thing is nowadays women are also participating in the army for Education, logistics, air traffic control and legal branches. Selfless service for the nation and the people is the opt word for the soldier.

How we can get career in armed forces ?
1) Call , head start :- Initially, they will do a call , for the exams and check the eligibility and analytical skills, according to the requirements. To write the exams, there are age criteria, education criteria , and other standards according to the requirements. They will write the exams, and the passed out candidates, will be go for interview schedules, and attend the required training.
2) Training :-
As part of the training – the selected candidate will indulge in wide variety of sports – from sailing to mountaineering , horse riding and rifle shooting, etc. The silver medalist of Olympics 2003, is an army officer too. They got placed after the training period, with the proper requirements for the job.
3 ) Placement :-
Then finally the placement.  The Indian army is divided into combat arms and services.
The Indian army divided into combat arms and services. The combat arms included the infantry, artillery and the armoured corps. The corps of engineers and corps of signals. Services includes Army service corps, Army ordinance corps, army postal corps, army postal services, army medical corps, army education corps, intelligence corps.
The Indian air force,w hen one can be work in the flying branch, technical branch and ground duty branches, which includes all the administrative works. Post graduates will work in the technical branch. The flying branch includes the fighter pilots and the helicopter pilots. The administrative branch includes all the departments that provides logical, meteorological, Educational and administrative support to the flying and technical branches.
The Indian Navy, can join to be a Sailor or an Artificer apprentice or an officer working as an Executive.
The Executive branch manages the Navy’s warships and submarines as instruments of tactical welfare.
The Engineering branch is responsible for the maintenance and service of engineering equipment and propulsion systems.
The Education branch ensures that the officers and men are updated in their technical knowledge and tactical skills.
Personality as a career force in armed forces :- A career in armed forces,required a special type of personality. The SSC ( Short service commission), SSB ( Services selection board ) , are the ways to indulge in army operations. The life of a soldier involves combat and harsh realities, only a few can handle the pressure. All the tests not only test their physical stability, their mental stability too.


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