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Abhinav Sirohi Recommended for Air force twice and his experience

Hi everyone..I am Abhinav Sirohi from Kaithal Haryana , a die hard fan of indian airforce. I have always dreamed of joining iaf and this dream came true twice(28 dec 2013 and 15
april  2014).I  would  like  to  share  my  success  story  of  my  2nd  consecutive recommendation from 1Afsb dehradun.

On 28 dec I was recommended by iaf for the first time but in afcat my score was just 135 marks and everyone  knows that july intake is famous for breaking many dreams  so i
filled the afcat form again and gave afcat again and this time fortunately got 192 marks:) .after getting the afcat score the time to select afsb centre was there.Frankly speaking

I am not very patient so I chose the  first afsb date available and that was 9th April and that too from the same board.
So the day 9th april came.I checked out my hotel and reached M.C.O  and as usual saw a  huge  crowd  of  ssb  aspiratnts  .Everyone  was  having  his  own  story  with  dream  of
becoming  iaf  officer  and  i  was  one  of  …

How to do Blood, Eye and Body donations in India

Organ donation India, eye donation in India
Are you interested in Blood and eye donation ? if you ask me , I will say if we are human beings we should be interested. But interest alone is not necessary for blood and eye donation. We need the eligibility to donate the blood and the eye. Let’s discuss in detail.
Blood is the fluid which carries oxygen throughout the body. It also carries waste to be eliminated from the body.  We have 4 to 6 liters blood in our body, depending on the size.

Who can give the blood donation ? you are eligible, if you didn't do any of the following :-
•Have ever used self-injected drugs ( non-prescription)
•Had hepatitis
•Are in a high group risk of AIDS

And there are few guidelines for blood donation, like Age
i) Age should be 17 years, and upper age limit is  55 years,
ii) High blood pressure should not be there, it should be 180/100
iii) and there should not be any body piercing in the past 12 months
iv) should not be any cold and flu v) Diabetes shou…

Beggars in India and solutions for it

The big problem which is spoiling and eating India’s development is Begging. Yes, we can see beggars in all the roads of India.  We can’t finish a single day without seeing a beggar while we are going in and around the city. Its really a shameful thing to the Indians. Foreigners who are visiting India for the ancient culture and to visit the places, feels negative about the beggars in India.

Reasons for the beggars :- 
•You can that, the beggars are the reason for the begging and they are the reason for the begging. But, the real reason is you only. Yes, its you who encourages the beggar and giving money to them. Mostly these beggars  are found in dirty and torn clothes and they ask for one or two rupees from us. We will also put. Because we feel it is spoiling our dignity before others, and we will show off our richness there only. Sometimes, we will put Rs. 100 also, to prove our wealth. But really you are spoiling them.  You are not helping actually, you are spoiling them by making…

Which is important for National development? Transportation or Electricity?

Both factors are most important for a common man’s life. If we talk about the National development, it seems to be equally important. Let’s discuss in detail.
First, will start talking about the electricity . Electricity is one of the most powerful sources of our lives. We can say that the greatest achievement in the 19th Century is the invention of electricity. The 20th century people started using it , in more extent. In the today’s culture, Electricity plays a vital role, it is living with us, even we are sleeping. Yes, we can’t sleep without a fan or AC. And the TV, Washing machine, Refrigerator, etc , etc, pages can’t be enough, to list the items which we are using in electricity, simply for household things.
If we are using this much for household things means, imagine about the Nation. The factories, the IT companies, all depends on the electricity. The upcoming IT industry, fully loaded with the computers, laptops, internet connections need electricity. Yes, the foreign compa…

India for olympics

How much India has been participated in Olympics ? India, first participated in Olympics during 1900, only one man has been participated. Norman Pritchard, and he won two medals in athletics.
After twenty years, India sent a team to Olympics, during 1920 Summer Olympics, since then it has been participating in each and every Summer Olympics.  It first started participating in Winter Olympics during 1964 and since then continuously participating in each and every Olympics.  In 1927, India set up a Indian National Olylmpic committee, to organize its participation in the Olympics.
We can’t forget the 2008 Olympics, in which India first won the gold medal in its hundred years of experience in Olympics.  The reason for that individual gold medal is the great shooter, Abhinav singh bindra, who born on 28 September 1982.  He won the gold medal in the 10m Air Rifle event. He yields the proudness to India. He started participating in Olympics, since 1998. And in ten years, he won the gold meda…

Does 20 20 affects regular cricket?

T 20 is just a fast cricket. Only with 20 overs . It has created a lot of effects to the people. People started liking it more.  It has created lot of fans. It will finish off soon. Whole match it will be full with enthusiasm.  And added value, commercially 20 20 matches got hit. It earns more money. Money started in and outflows more money.

Now, the question is the 20 20 league matches creates a negative effect on the other cricket matches, ODI and test matches ? It has both the positive and negative sides. Let’s discuss .
As the T 20 got huge success, the existing cricket is in real danger. Nowadays, the young star’s dream is to play only in the IPL , and they dream to earn more money, in the short period.  And now it’s a season that, no one is playing for their country with the patriotic feel, everybody started playing just to get sold in the IPL. Yes, it is like that only. They literally place tags on each and every player and doing auctions.

This is creating totally a commercial…

Nothing more than this in life - A must watch video

A Must watch video guyz, this is humanity.  If every individual turns like this then everything will be fine.  Awesome video which shows sacrifice, selfless service, love, service before self.  Share as much as you can, spread the love, live the life with harmony :) .  Though this post is not related to defense , I just wanted to share this for the message in this.

Video courtesy:- and
Thank you all :)

Cricket a game or commercial entertainer

The game which mesmerizes the whole world is Cricket. Yes, we can see people who can watch cricket, without sleeping, without having food, and without anything. Cricket has made the people like that.
Cricket is simply a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players each on a field at the centre of which is a rectangular 22 yard long pitch. Each team will bowl and bat. If one team do the batting means, the other team will do the bowling, and according to the run rate gained by the batting team, the match will get fixed, and the other team will play to win. The result will be either to lose or to win.
Cricket was played with a Nation’s pride and nationality feel. Because of the interference of the media, Cricket has been become a commercial sport, nowadays. The media in large has telecasted the cricket. The major television income has been earned through the cricket. Cricket has relied more heavily on broadcast revenues than most other major sports in terms of the proportion…

Hockey the national game of india

The topic is about an interesting sport.  Yes, about our national game, Hockey. It is a very interesting sport.  Even though , Cricket has become most famous game. Hockey has been the National game of India, still. Let’s discuss its history.

Hockey , is a fast game compared to other sports. Players can be seen running in the field, throughout. Hence, it creates a busy and enthusiasm throughout the game. And the audience can enjoy that each and every minute. Everyone wil be alert through. It is a teamwork that leads to success. India has given lot of good players to the nation. The goal keeper, the center forwards, the right and the left backs are all important in the game. It is a team work that leads to success.

India, was at peak during the period of 1928 to 1956. It won the world champion title during 1928, for the first time in Amsterdam Olympics and it has kept the title, till it lost in Rome Olympics.  It came down to the seventh place in the Montreal Olympics. And again it reg…

PSLV C- 24 - Independent regional space based navigation system

India, has successfully launched its second satellite during Friday, on April 4, 2014, on board, PSLV C- 24. The ambition of the satellite is to establish an independent regional space based navigation system.

The PSLV C-24 lifted off from the Satish dhawan space centre ,Sriharikota with 44.4 metre tall, with the golden brush behind, about 100 km from Chennai, at 5.14 pm and reached its destination.  Exactly, after 19 minutes, PSLV launched the 1432 IRNSS 1B in the intended orbit above the Earth.
The Chief K. Radhkrishnan said that “ It is the 25th successive flight, India’s second satellite IRNSS-1B very precisely elated.  A total budget is around Rs. 1420 crore, ISRO processed the IRNSS . IRNSS is equivalent to Global positioning system of the United States. The IRNSS-1A already started to function, which has been launched during July, last year. And, he thanked the total ISRO team, as the “major milestone” for the country.

And , he added a point that, “ for the farthest distance w…

Standardization of engineering colleges in India

Standardization of engineering colleges :-  In India, there are several engineering colleges, which provides undergraduate and post graduate engineering education and sciences. The Indian institute of technology , the national institute of technology and the Indian institute of information of technology are the major institutions in India, which provides the best standard , of education of the engineering colleges.

But, the problem of India is we have lot of sub-standard engineering colleges. A research by the Business line , shows that, the world’s top 50 universities in engineering and technology, are not absolutely any one college from India. The universities are interested to earning more money, not in increasing the quality of the Education.

Ok. Let’s look it into it. How it will give its adverse effects in the society ? Yes, the first and the foremost thing, we will face is the employability. If the engineering colleges, send lot of poor quality students, they will suffer becaus…

Mobile phones uses and misuses

Use of mobile phones and evils :-  we are using mobile phones in our day-to-day life. It gives us the perfect freedom to communicate anywhere and at anytime, everywhere. In the recent decades, we are having ultra modern phones with so many facilities.

We have so many features, such as touch screen, MP 3 players, high resolution camera, high sound quality, 3G technology, with which we can operate so many social networks, facebook, whats app, etc, etc. Simply, to say in a sentence, we can say, the whole world is in the mobile. Yes, literally we can mean in that way. Practically, we can do anything from anywhere, by keeping this small phone in our hands. World has become so small, as like the cell phones, because of the technology. We have started living a tech-savvy lifestyle.

Your mobile phones, allows you to connect with other devices, surf the internet, listen to music, play games, capture your precious moments, with the handy instrument, whenever and wherever. It helps you a lot in…

Use of Plastic cards - Electronic cards in day to day life

Use of plastic cards , debit or credit cards :-  The topic which we are going to discuss today, is about the product which has been essential in our lifestyle. The use of plastic cards, debit and credit cards. We can bet now, no person is living without neither a debit card nor a credit card.

Debit card :- A card from which the cardholder, can directly withdraw the amount from the bank account, via ATM, Automatic teller machine, or can do Internet shopping, or can swipe and purchase during outdoor shopping too. Gift voucher cards are also in existence. Debit cards plays a vital role in the day-to-day life.

Debit card requires the sufficient balance in our bank account. It can be helpful up to the money we have in the account. Instead of carrying cash, we can carry debit card, for the safety purpose. And, for unexpected expenses, we can use it. Nowadays, all the shops have the option of debit card swiping machines. It works on the existing funds of your account.

Credit card, is the one …

Budget of India should be high for Agriculture or Defense? - Discuss

Budgeting should be high to agriculture or defense?  
Let we discuss in detail, how much we should spent in the agriculture.
Although agriculture contributes only 21% percent on the GDP of India, its importance in the country’s economic, social and political factor goes beyond the indicator. The rural areas are still home to some 72 percent of India’s 1.1 billion people, a large number of whom are poor. Most of the rural poor depend on rain-fed agriculture and monsoon and the fragile forests for their livelihoods. The sharp rise in food grain product during India’s green revolution of the 1970’s enabled the country to achieve the self sufficiency in the food grains.

And further , it gives the demand for the rural labor, raised rural wages and reduced food prices, reduced the rural poverty, significantly. In the 1990’s rural poverty reduced a lot. Agricultural growth in the 1990’s reduced rural poverty to 26.3 percent, by 1999 to 2000, eventhough it is slower, it shows a growth. Actua…

Which is important for life? Money, Education or Bravery

A million dollar question, which doesn’t have an answer for millions of years, which is important in our life ? Education ?, Money ? or Bravery ?.
Let’s discuss in detail. Education is the most important thing in our life. It has an important role in our life.  For leading a good and luxurious life , you need education. With Education, you can gain money and it will give you the confidence and braveness to the life. The more you have the knowledge, the more you grow. A person who gets good education will become good citizen, and a responsible employee. Without Education, life can’t be fulfilled.
Education gives our life a completion. Education makes a person to think, act and decide in all the situations of life. Nowadays, technology has become necessary. To operate and utilize all the technological advancements of the world,  education is necessary. Education gives you the discipline, good habits and values. And it creates the awareness towards anything like terrorism, corruption an…