Abhinav Sirohi Recommended for Air force twice and his experience

Hi everyone..I am Abhinav Sirohi from Kaithal Haryana , a die hard fan of indian airforce. I have always dreamed of joining iaf and this dream came true twice(28 dec 2013 and 15
april  2014).I  would  like  to  share  my  success  story  of  my  2nd  consecutive recommendation from 1Afsb dehradun.

On 28 dec I was recommended by iaf for the first time but in afcat my score was just 135 marks and everyone  knows that july intake is famous for breaking many dreams  so i
filled the afcat form again and gave afcat again and this time fortunately got 192 marks:) .after getting the afcat score the time to select afsb centre was there.Frankly speaking

I am not very patient so I chose the  first afsb date available and that was 9th April and that too from the same board.
So the day 9th april came.I checked out my hotel and reached M.C.O  and as usual saw a  huge  crowd  of  ssb  aspiratnts  .Everyone  was  having  his  own  story  with  dream  of
becoming  iaf  officer  and  i  was  one  of  them.All  of  us  got  into  the  bus  and reached  1 afsb,had our breakfast and then the selection process was started.

Day 1

Two oir tests were given to us in alaknanda hall.I do not remember the booklet nos but thank god the cube rotation questions were not there and both tests were easy.After the
oir, ppdt was there.As usual a blurred picture was there, some persons saw terrorists in that some saw fighter planes :p, i saw 2­3 persons raising their hands and looked like a
cricket  tournament  to  me  and  made  a  story  on  that.Finally  we  were  divided  into  the groups of 15 persons in each group..Reapeters ka group aur 15 bnde shanti kaha rehne
vali  thi  yr,everyone  was  shouting  to  give  his  point  so  we  were  divided  into  half  sub groups in ppdt discussion..the plan worked and in sub groups gd went fine although koi
common conclusion nahi nikla.

After  the  lunch results  came  and  out  of  216  only  64 were  screened  in  .We  64  people went for document check and again a hurdle was there for computer sci people and i
was one of them.Computer walo ka 1 subject ka name match ni hota yr.But i know i had studied the subject and for the difference in nomenclature i got an application attested
by my college director stating both subjects are same..SSB people allowed me to stay there  and  those  who  were  not  having  application  were  sent  back ​and  given  another
date.Mujhe bhi 9 dec ko vapas bheja tha isliye is bar pehle hi m application college se attest  kara  ke  laaya  tha  :p.The  day  went  fine  .We  got  are rooms  and  soon  all room
mates were my friends.

Day 2

The most dangerous part of SSB, psychlogical tests were there.Speed and quick thinking matters a lot.I wrote all the stories positive and in blank picture I wrote my own story.I
attempted all WAT and for the first time completed all 60 SRT by keeping the awnsers short  and  to  the  point.  Psychlogical  tests  went  superb  and  in  the  evening  we  all
roommates went to buddha temple and nearby market.Election season was there and in the night in our room we were having a conflict between modi supporters and Kejriwal
supporters :p .Anyway raat ko 2­3 ghante sab gappe maarne ke baad ,we all went to sleep as next day I and my roommates were having group tasks.The best thing was that
all my room mates except chest no. 55 were in the same group.Hard luck for chest no.55,(Bhiwani ka mera HARYANVI bhai akela doosre group mei tha).Also there were bed
bugs in my bed and bed of chest no. 60..60 no. to poori raat so hi nhi paya.Although i was able to sleep

Day 3

The most interesting part of the ssb,the group tasks were there.Our gto sir came in the room with a blank face and gave a brief introduction of himself.We were given the gd
topics and as usual repeaters batch was there so solid arguments were there.But this time everyone was able to speak.group discussion topics were simple like why indian
students  are  migrating  to  foreign  universities  and  why  india  is  becoming  a  regional power.Both gd went fine and many new points came out which i never knew..Moreover
in my group two ias aspirants were also there.Hum log to apne general points de rhe the but vo dono aisi aisi baatei bata rhe the jo humare upar se bouncer ki tarah ja rhi thi

After  that  group  planning  excercise  was  there.We  were  shown  a  model  and  problems were  there  like  tractor  driver  got  injury  in  head.railway  crossing  broken  and  train  is
coming,bank  robbery  and  cow  was  lost.While  many  of  us  were  focousing  on  major problems  ,  a  few  groupmates  were  worried  over  the  lost  cow  :p  Chest  no.  59  was
saying  that  ki  1  bnda  cycles  ke  pass  chodo  kahi  problems  solve  karte  hue  piche  se hamari  cycles  na  chori  ho  jaei  :p..Anyways  group  planning  was  fun  and  all  my
groupmates nominated me to narrate the group plan to which i was suprised...I narated the whole group plan keeping in mind all the priorities distances and timings as they are
very important.However afetr group planning i found that many group mates got against me because they were saying that they were given less chance of speaking because i
spoke a lot,i didnt take it on heart as its a competition and everyone wants to give his best..after that pgt was there,our gto sir were again expressionless and introduced us to
pgt and gave instructions.We were given 45 minutes ,got strucked at 3rd stage of pgt but  made  some  jugaad  and  were  able  to  complete  all  the  4  stages  of  pgt  just  in
time.Anyways we were happy.after that we were free.We went to canteen and decided to  purchase  Rayban  aviators(made  a  jugaad  there  also  as  we  were  only  allowed  to
purchase daily needs).3 of my friends purchased the aviators but i had descided that i will purchase them once i get recommended this time :p.
In the evening we went to a movie.Chest no 55(Bhiwani vala Bhai) has told that Mai Tera Hero is a GOOD movi..We watched the horrible film and after coming back ,full gaaliya
di 55 NO. ko..the day went fine and we went asleep early.

Day 4

On this day I was Having both Interview as well as remaining group tasks.In individual obstacles  I  did  9..and  in  lecturete    I  chose  Mars  probe  and  spoke  comfortably  and
confidently.Vahi  dono  Ias  aspirants  ne  pta  ni  kis  topic  pe  kya  bola  vo  fir  se  bouncer chala gya ..
Just after Gto within half an hour I was having interview.Got ready for interview..My  no.  came  and  i  was  there  to  face  the  interview.Interview  lasted  for  30  minutes  in
which the interviewer sir asked me questions regarding my family ,friends ,hobbies etc for first 10 minutes and for the next 20 minutes he asked me questions regarding iaf as
he wanted to know how keen  i am to join airforce.He also asked me what extra i have prepared since i was recommended last time also.I said sir merit is yet to come and last
time i got nervous in the interview :p.By this he became polite to me for the rest of the interview and i gave all the awnsers to the best poosible way i know.He was impressed
by  my  airforce  interest  as  i  gave  awnsers  regarding  every  question  he  asked  about
airforce including radar,how it works and stealth technology etc.

Day 5

This  day  was  a  holiday  for  my  group  as  we  were  free  now.We  played  volleyball  and badminton,pool and teased the friends who were having interview on day 5 :p.By the
afternoon we went to Robbers cave and enjoyed their till the evening and came back.In the  night  time  we  groupmates  showed  each  other  our  talents.55  no.  ne  acting  krke
dikhai as he was a good actor,60 no. ne gaana sunaya,sardarji ne pushups kiye,dubey ji ne lukhnow ke kisse sunaye,59 no. ne bhoot ki kahaniya sunai,and maine kuch mast
se joke aur 1­2 goa ke kisse sunaye..by 2:00a.m we all went to sleep,next day was the judgement day,the conference.

Day 6

Conference started by 11:30.Our chest nos were in last so our turn came by 2:30.  My  conference  went  just  for  2  minutes  in  which  officers  asked  general  ques  and
After lunch DSO  sir  came with results.Dil  ki dhadkanei BADHI HUI THI..hE STARTED ANNOUNICING THE RESULTS.Only 3 candidates were recommended out of 216 who
started their journey 6 days back.My name was one of them and it was the last name announced  ,All  3  were repeaters.I  was  filled  with  joy  and  was  shouting  in  my  mind  I
have made it again and this time I will definately get permanent commission in iaf..MY FRIENDS  WERE  HUGGING  AND  CONGRATULATING  ME.THE  FEELING  OF

Now i am waiting for the merit to come for both july and jan batch and i am pretty sure i will be joining AFA very soon :) .
According to me to get selected in ssb,one must keep on trying his best.but the mantra is do commit mistakes(everyone do mistakes),but never never repeat the mistakes

Anyways  my  facebook  id  is      sirohi.abhinav338@gmail.com.  and anyone  having any query about  afsb can get me there .


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