Cricket a game or commercial entertainer

The game which mesmerizes the whole world is Cricket. Yes, we can see people who can watch cricket, without sleeping, without having food, and without anything. Cricket has made the people like that.
Cricket is simply a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players each on a field at the centre of which is a rectangular 22 yard long pitch. Each team will bowl and bat. If one team do the batting means, the other team will do the bowling, and according to the run rate gained by the batting team, the match will get fixed, and the other team will play to win. The result will be either to lose or to win.
Cricket was played with a Nation’s pride and nationality feel. Because of the interference of the media, Cricket has been become a commercial sport, nowadays. The media in large has telecasted the cricket. The major television income has been earned through the cricket. Cricket has relied more heavily on broadcast revenues than most other major sports in terms of the proportion of revenues brought into the professional sport.
Cricket, has been placed its importance all over the country. Each and every home, the child will be gifted a ball and a bat. Cricket has been involved in the bloods of the people. People started admiring cricket like anything. We can see, the kids playing in the roads, streets, with a bat and the ball. School level games,  Inter-state level games has been played in India, for so many years. It has been a pride game.
However, slowly and slowly cricket is becoming more like a business than a game. The sportsmanship has been slowly started to vanish .Yes, people started looking cricket as a business. Nowadays, it has been a gambling game too. Yes, people has become too mad, and started doing match fixing.  People started violating the rules of the game. A word is there, 22 fools are playing and billions of idiots are watching. Yes, its like that only now.
Earlier, it was a gentle game. Each and every ball will create an enthusiasm and interest. But, nowadays the players are no longer have the sportsmanship inside. They all have been become slaves of money. Now, people want to play cricket, just to earn money.
The IPL has become totally the money game. People are getting sold as like taking contract. They are fixing amount and taking the players for each and every place. The amount of the contract is more, nearly 50 lakhs for each and every player. Where those money are in the country. Still, we have people below poverty in India. But simply for a game, people are ready to invest that much amount. And the runners are also getting paid worth much.
A sport should be associated with the talent of the players, not with the money. And with this celebrity feel, the players are earning in the advertisements too. Cricket has been simply a game, from which the players bank balances has been increased. They endorse a new brand and raise their amount in the bank account.
IPL and the franchise should understand that, cricket is a sport and not only the money . Kindly don’t tag the money on the Indian and the outside players . The motive should be growing and nurturing the real fans of the cricket, not the money players.


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