Does 20 20 affects regular cricket?

T 20 is just a fast cricket. Only with 20 overs . It has created a lot of effects to the people. People started liking it more.  It has created lot of fans. It will finish off soon. Whole match it will be full with enthusiasm.  And added value, commercially 20 20 matches got hit. It earns more money. Money started in and outflows more money.

Now, the question is the 20 20 league matches creates a negative effect on the other cricket matches, ODI and test matches ? It has both the positive and negative sides. Let’s discuss .
As the T 20 got huge success, the existing cricket is in real danger. Nowadays, the young star’s dream is to play only in the IPL , and they dream to earn more money, in the short period.  And now it’s a season that, no one is playing for their country with the patriotic feel, everybody started playing just to get sold in the IPL. Yes, it is like that only. They literally place tags on each and every player and doing auctions.

This is creating totally a commercial threat to the real good game.  Players started to lose the charm in playing the usual cricket. And the real sad part is that, no body is interested to be a bowler in the cricket. Yes, that has become the trend now. And the IPL has created an impurity in the cricket ground. Yes, we can see lot of problems in the cricket.

The main problem created is that, “ match fixing “. Yes, the reality of the cricket has been gone out.  We can heard lot of news about the monetary issues in the IPL. And as the film celebrities are getting involved and being as ambassadors, again people have money are earning more money. And people started doing anything to any extent, to retain their money.

The culture of the cricket players started becoming worse and worse because of the 20 20 cricket. Earlier, the cricketers have a code of conduct, inside themselves and never they gone worse.  The IPL started to ruin themselves in parties and alcohols. In the real cricket , they have a real thought to play for the nation, whereas in the IPL, they are not getting.

But, the 20 20 has its positive effects also.  20 20 is the inventive, innovative The real aggressive, alert, agile and athletic fielders quick on their feet , can be seen in the T 20 cricket. It is actually a real treat to watch.  We can’t think that it is spoiling the real cricket.  We can say that, it is a new version of the same old cricket. Lot of players are getting recognized. People who played effectively during the IPL got recognized and placed in the ODI, and therefore we yield the recent world cup. That, we can’t oppose.

Before. We can acquire expertise from the test matches only. But, in the recent decades T 20 gives platform to the budding cricketers. The T20 league in India has become immensely popular among the younger crop of cricketers. And it will really help all the cricketers to prove their effectiveness to the world.

And another good feature is that the relationship, yes this creates a platform to build relationship with other nation’s cricketers too. As cricketers from various other countries are participating in the teams. It is actually a time consuming game. In this fast world, we cannot sit and watch the whole match. But, it is really a fast and effective game to watch and enjoy.

Even though, it has some positive effects, we can see a lot of negative effects on the Nation, because of the IPL. Whenever the IPL season is going off, we can hear lot of issues , which is a headache to the cricket board.
If the Board strict more the rules and regulations of the 20 20 cricket, it can be really good as if our regular cricket. 


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