Hockey the national game of india

The topic is about an interesting sport.  Yes, about our national game, Hockey. It is a very interesting sport.  Even though , Cricket has become most famous game. Hockey has been the National game of India, still. Let’s discuss its history.

Hockey , is a fast game compared to other sports. Players can be seen running in the field, throughout. Hence, it creates a busy and enthusiasm throughout the game. And the audience can enjoy that each and every minute. Everyone wil be alert through. It is a teamwork that leads to success. India has given lot of good players to the nation. The goal keeper, the center forwards, the right and the left backs are all important in the game. It is a team work that leads to success.

India, was at peak during the period of 1928 to 1956. It won the world champion title during 1928, for the first time in Amsterdam Olympics and it has kept the title, till it lost in Rome Olympics.  It came down to the seventh place in the Montreal Olympics. And again it regained the Gold medal at Moscow Olympics in 1980. We lost the Gold medal in 1984.

Hockey , has become the national game as because of the team’s unparalleled distinction and matchless talent at the time. During that period, India played 24 Olympic matches and won all of them scoring 178 goals and conceding only 7 goals. And later they won the Gold medal at Moscow Olympics in 1980. But, again we lost it during 1984. The magic India touch and the ball juggling feats have become extinct now.

Recently, Dhanraj pillai pulled the attraction of the whole world towards the hockey team of India.
Hockey, a kike cricket is a popular game, and it is not as costly as the cricket. Hockey is played by both men and women . Inter state competitions are going on in the school levels. India has given lot of world level players. Dhyan chand is one such, who is called the wizard of hockey. In fact Punjab contributes more number of players to the game of hockey.

In the recent decades, India, is little getting slower in Hockey. The reason is that, there are no proper training and coaches at the school levels. The government should take measures and steps to create the interesting the students mind, and should encourage the students who are having the interest with them. Our nation is ready to spend more in the cricket, as because it has been a money earning sports.
Inter school competitions are held at school levels. The Indian government should provide them the necessary funds for the training and facilities to preserve the Indian glory. India should retain the same old name and the popularity in the hockey. We should create lot of dhanraj pillai and dhyan chand in the future.

It has mental pressures too, yes the tension during the game needs mental fitness too. There should be proper measures too, to make a proper player from the school levels. They should be given both the training. Cricket has been becoming a foolish game and gambling games. People should get aware of it, and start cheering up the Hockey, our National game, and we should support to retain it as our National game.

If all the proper measures has been taken effectively, sure Hockey will again become a famous game , in India, at the world level. 


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