India for olympics

How much India has been participated in Olympics ? India, first participated in Olympics during 1900, only one man has been participated. Norman Pritchard, and he won two medals in athletics.
After twenty years, India sent a team to Olympics, during 1920 Summer Olympics, since then it has been participating in each and every Summer Olympics.  It first started participating in Winter Olympics during 1964 and since then continuously participating in each and every Olympics.  In 1927, India set up a Indian National Olylmpic committee, to organize its participation in the Olympics.
We can’t forget the 2008 Olympics, in which India first won the gold medal in its hundred years of experience in Olympics.  The reason for that individual gold medal is the great shooter, Abhinav singh bindra, who born on 28 September 1982.  He won the gold medal in the 10m Air Rifle event. He yields the proudness to India. He started participating in Olympics, since 1998. And in ten years, he won the gold medal.
And we can’t forget the 2012 olympics, in which India has participated with 83 member participating in the summer Olympic games. And that season was the best for the country. Because, the Wrestler Sushil kumar won multiple individual Olympic medals, after Norman in 1900.He created a great history.
But, during 2014 in Sochi, the three Indian athletes – luger shiva keshavan, alpine shiker skier himanshu , and skier nadeem iqbal, was in a confusion, whether they are able to flaunt their Indian flags. The one billion nation got shocked. As because, during Dec 2012, the Indian Nation committee has been suspended by the IOC – International  Olympics committee. The reason behind is just ethical and administrative.  There is no reason based on the performance.  Yes, due to the election issues , the IOC has suspended the IOA – Indian Olympic association.
Ashwin nachappa has commented in this as “ It’s a disgrace to India. The authorities are insensitive towards the athletes. They are not bothered about the athletes who is taking part or not. We has asked the IOA to advance the elections, but nobody heard us. They are very arrogant people. But we should really still be proud of the athletes”
Milkha singh ( former athlete ) commented that “ It’s very shameful. National pride is supreme and people should remember this while fighting for chair. It doesn’t matter. If there are only three players participating. It is a dream for every player to complete under the national flag. The government should intervene and get the issue resolved at IOA”.
Tarlochan Singh ( VP, IOA) has given a statement that, “ After the elections are held, the IOA will take atleast one month to investigate everything. We are following IOC rules and IOA can’t be faulted. A lot of people are talking without knowing the facts. We were aware of the timing of the Sochi Games. It’s not that IOA don’t care about the athletes, but we have a democratic process and can’t rush elections. And he added a word that, Media must know the real facts before slamming us “.
At last, IOC released a statement of NOC. And India entered Sochi games. Kumar told in the Times of India “ It’s a great day for all the athletes who put their blood, sweat and tears to represent the nation”.
But, if we see the negative part here, the Indian association should work more on the athletes. The thing is they are not getting encouraged. The IOA should organize funds to train the athletes. They are not properly getting recognized.  The famous sport in India, is cricket, its not in Olympics.
The sad part is the world’s second most populous country, has won just 0.16 percent of the 12,796 total Olympic awards prior to the Sochi games. It is because of the economic instability in the nation.
Subramaninam writes in the Indian edition of First post – “Quite obviously, it’s poverty and its consequences that thwart India from excelling as a sports entity”
This should change, instead of spending the crores and crores in Cricket, kindly invest for the Olympic sports person, which is really a pride for our nation.


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