Mobile phones uses and misuses

Use of mobile phones and evils :-  we are using mobile phones in our day-to-day life. It gives us the perfect freedom to communicate anywhere and at anytime, everywhere. In the recent decades, we are having ultra modern phones with so many facilities.

We have so many features, such as touch screen, MP 3 players, high resolution camera, high sound quality, 3G technology, with which we can operate so many social networks, facebook, whats app, etc, etc. Simply, to say in a sentence, we can say, the whole world is in the mobile. Yes, literally we can mean in that way. Practically, we can do anything from anywhere, by keeping this small phone in our hands. World has become so small, as like the cell phones, because of the technology. We have started living a tech-savvy lifestyle.

Your mobile phones, allows you to connect with other devices, surf the internet, listen to music, play games, capture your precious moments, with the handy instrument, whenever and wherever. It helps you a lot in your professional and personal lives. MMS, SMS, Internet has become easy and comfort . with a generous memory and technical improvements, like java, android, it supports many informative things, like google maps , which is helpful to know the routes in the new places.
Mobile phones, has become essential to all the levels of the people. Yes, start from the lower level of people, we can see all the high level of people using mobile phones. But whatever positive things lies in the mobile phones, it carries evils too.

With the use of social networks, in the hands, we can see lot of criminals happening in the nation. If it goes with the wrong hands, evil hands, it can ruin anybody’s life easily. We lost our privacy here, everything is open here. For eg, if we are at our hometown, with this help of mobile, even if we don’t have any internet facilities or desktop facilities, we will post as hometown.. at our social network, which shows that, we ourselves announcing about our each and every minute of our life to the whole world. And additionally will post the photos also, it is not only the issue of mobile phone, it is the social network issues too.

Even, if we are good or bad, we started acting to the world, because of this mobile phones, meeting a relative or a friend has been reduced, as we can be connected with phones 24x7. But, we don’t have connection in the families too. Lot of divorces are happening , as because both the partners are busy in talking with someone and chatting with someone in the mobile, not to the husband or wife, and misunderstanding arises there, and one point , the saturation comes.
We carry lot of viruses along with our mobile phones and the accessories such as Bluetooth, ear phones, which may cause dangerous diseases like cancer. The signal causes lot of strange diseases to the people. The cell towers killed the most precious bird, sparrow from our life. Yes, we can’t see the sparrows in this nation, because of the widespread cell towers and signals. Think, how it will affect the human life ?

Lot of cyber crimes are happening, if we switch on the GPS , people can trace you. Lot of hackers are there to grab your personal life and make it as money. Ridiculous !!! . One of the irritating evil reaction is the unknown number missed calls, and virus can be spread via, one missed call. We would have noticed, don’t respond to this number , that number. The telecalling, selling agents sms.. etc etc killed our life’s each and every moments.

And, we heard lot of news, people capture videos or photos of the girls, women gender and releasing in the internet. Earlier, we heard about secret camera and it has become very easy, camera in the hands of all the people. All the crimes and evils have become easier because of this cell phone. School students and college students are getting spoiled , as they can see all the unwanted materials easily in their mobile phones.
From the mother womb, to the death place, mobile phones started to occupy us, ruin us . 


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