Standardization of engineering colleges in India

Standardization of engineering colleges :-  In India, there are several engineering colleges, which provides undergraduate and post graduate engineering education and sciences. The Indian institute of technology , the national institute of technology and the Indian institute of information of technology are the major institutions in India, which provides the best standard , of education of the engineering colleges.

But, the problem of India is we have lot of sub-standard engineering colleges. A research by the Business line , shows that, the world’s top 50 universities in engineering and technology, are not absolutely any one college from India. The universities are interested to earning more money, not in increasing the quality of the Education.

Ok. Let’s look it into it. How it will give its adverse effects in the society ? Yes, the first and the foremost thing, we will face is the employability. If the engineering colleges, send lot of poor quality students, they will suffer because of the unemployment. And we can see lot of engineers, are working in sales, BPO, and many activities, which is no way related to their students, just for the need of the survival , and to pay their debts, which they did for their education.

The Indian readlines survey of 2013 says that, there are only 10 percent of the engineering students from 2/3 tier cities are employable. And the students are suffering because of the communication problem, as English has been a must in all the engineering companies, or they don’t have analytical /problem-solving skills. And a sad thing is that, the reports shows worse that, 30 percent of the engineers do not have the basic quantitative skills required for even day-to-day life and to enter the entry-level engineering jobs.

India produces 1000 PhDs annually in Engineering and technology , whereas US and china produces 8000-9000 students. And the cut off marks in the private sector engineering colleges have been lowered like anything. India , stands second to the population . But, lags far behind in the standard of Engineering studies and technological studies.

How to standardize the Engineering colleges :-  The secret to make quality of anything and every thing, is the monitoring. The output from the internship/project should be monitored and should be strengthened. We should give a clear road map for the students , to pursue their interest. We should promote the researches among the students  through the modernization and removal of obsolescence, to check the effectiveness of the government-funded schemes.

We need to create an environment that activates the partnership between industry and colleges/universities. The teachers can lead by example and inspire students to pursue research and innovation. Although NASSCOM predicts that there will be significant requirements for the IT industry in the next decades. So that, it is the duty of the government to alternative sectors and creating an efficient platform for the students to match the needs.

And they released another report that manufacturing sector would grow significantly by 2025, and it will fulfill the emerging economies. We should make ready the engineering students to emerge as a dominant players in that manufacturing industry.  AICTE/universities should upgrade the syllabus to compete with the modern IT industry. A strong energy should be needed.
It is important that, the engineering industry to grow more than the IT Industry !!!


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