Which is important for life? Money, Education or Bravery

A million dollar question, which doesn’t have an answer for millions of years, which is important in our life ? Education ?, Money ? or Bravery ?.
Let’s discuss in detail. Education is the most important thing in our life. It has an important role in our life.  For leading a good and luxurious life , you need education. With Education, you can gain money and it will give you the confidence and braveness to the life. The more you have the knowledge, the more you grow. A person who gets good education will become good citizen, and a responsible employee. Without Education, life can’t be fulfilled.
Education gives our life a completion. Education makes a person to think, act and decide in all the situations of life. Nowadays, technology has become necessary. To operate and utilize all the technological advancements of the world,  education is necessary. Education gives you the discipline, good habits and values. And it creates the awareness towards anything like terrorism, corruption and more.

And, an added value, to the women gender of the society, Education gives them the protection.  It creates protection to the men too. Education is the only wealth, which will not be reduced while using, and nobody can grab it. Education, has become pride, in the recent decades. We can see people started earning money with the name of giving education. That alone should be eradicated from the nation. Then, the nation will become powerful in Education.

Let’s discuss about the money. Money is not everything, but we can’t say money is something very important.  Money is the basic thing in our life. Apart from the basic thing, it helps us achieve our life’s goals and supports.  We think there are basic things in our life, family, education, health care, charity, adventure and fun.  All the basic things we can achieve only with our money.
Money give us the power to survive in this world. And in the competitive world, money can give you anything and everything. It gives us the opportunity, to select our own style of life, we wish for, the freedom of independence. Money can give us the time to develop and gifts and talents. The financial security, can give you the confidence of our life.

But, it has certain limitations too!  We need money to eat, sleep, dress, work, play, relate, heal , move about , and enjoy comforts, but we can’t get love and caring which is necessary to our life.
The another important thing in our life, bravery. Bravery is the way to freedom. Freedom is the thing which our heart wants in our life. Bravery is the active behavior. It is overcoming fear by making a choice and acting your way through it. The strength inside us, will give this. Bravery gives you the freedom. With the help of bravery we can face any worst situations in our life. And we can handle any worst persons in our life.

Our life not only has the happiness, it has all the worst parts, too.  To face the challenges in our life, we need bravery. In each and every stage of life, we have to face lot of issues. To face all the issues in our life, we need courage. Courage is the only weapon with which we can tackle the problems of life. When a situation is dangerous or difficult, the braver person pushes and faces through it, and he survives, where the non-bravery person will not.
All three are important in our life. If a man has all the 3 things in our life, Education, bravery and money, He is the winner of the life. 


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