Which is important for National development? Transportation or Electricity?

Both factors are most important for a common man’s life. If we talk about the National development, it seems to be equally important. Let’s discuss in detail.
First, will start talking about the electricity . Electricity is one of the most powerful sources of our lives. We can say that the greatest achievement in the 19th Century is the invention of electricity. The 20th century people started using it , in more extent. In the today’s culture, Electricity plays a vital role, it is living with us, even we are sleeping. Yes, we can’t sleep without a fan or AC. And the TV, Washing machine, Refrigerator, etc , etc, pages can’t be enough, to list the items which we are using in electricity, simply for household things.
If we are using this much for household things means, imagine about the Nation. The factories, the IT companies, all depends on the electricity. The upcoming IT industry, fully loaded with the computers, laptops, internet connections need electricity. Yes, the foreign companies are giving work via internet only. Communication centres need electricity. Which and all are required for the nation’s development.
Without electricity, we can’t do anything .  Imagine a one day without power. This can give you a picture about the importance of electricity. But, in the recent decades, electricity has been become more expensive, because of its vital and broad utilization. Only with the electricity , we can improve in the standard of living, and in the development of the nation. Because, with the full power of electricity, we can produce more, sell more.
The engineering and the technical industries are the major income of our nation. For them, electricity is the essential thing. The Government should understand the need of the electricity for the nation’s development, and should do the proper steps for that.  The national development council should consider the importance more than any other source , for the electricity. With electricity only, we are getting the another natural source, the water. Without water, we can’t live, as such we can’t live without electricity . And to yield more income, Electricity is the most essential resource.
Let’s talk about the transportation.  Transportation, is another important element for a nation’s development. Without the 3 ways of transportation, nothing can be done. A well unit and co ordinated, system of transport helps in the sustained growth of the nation.  Transport has done a vast in the growth of the network and in the output of the system.
Actually, Road transportation has played a vital role, in the earlier development of the nation. With the road access, people started expanding the business. Moving from one state to state , and slowly, the rail transport came, and the air transport helps in all the imports and exports.  The exports are the main thing which yields a greater income. The orders from the foreign nations, such as garments, leathers,and all can be possible under the transportation facility only.
Foreign trade and investments are done because of the air transports. Transportation planning is vital, for the planning of our communities to be. Yes, our standard of living is high because of the transportation only. All the imports, made us to adopt the western culture and improve our working and living culture.
So, in conclusion, I can say, both are equally important to the national development. That too, a nation like India, which is developing , should concentrate both the resources, for the national development.


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