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kargil war 1999 India vs Pakistan

During May 1999, there was an armed conflict between India and Pakistan, and it happened in the Kargil district, so the war came to be known as Kargil war. It was the great war, which happened in the recent decades. We can’t forget the war, in our lifetime.

Reason :
Why the war started ? The war started because the infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and kashmiri militants into positions of the Indian side of the Line of the control. Kargil district the line of control lies there. During the initial stages of war, Pakistan blamed the fighting is because of the Kashmir insurgents. But later the Pakistani chief minister and chief of Army staff showed the involvement of Pakistani paramilitary forces.

Before 1947, Kargil was part of district of Ladakh. During the Indo Pak war of 1971, the two countries signed Simla agreement promising not to engage in armed conflict with respect to the boundary. Kargil has extreme climate, during summer also , it will be freezing there. It will go till -48 …

Indo-Pak War on a brief

The whole world knows about the enmity of India and Pakistan. Even, in cricket, the whole world will watch the opponents of these two teams. Let us discuss, about the wars of the countries. The India Pakistan wars, was having series of conflicts, which starts since 1947. The reason for the continuous war , the two countries got partitioned after it got independent from the Britain. The most violent wars was during 1948, after the Independence of 1947, 1965 and 1971.

The first war during 1947, which is also called as the “ first Kashmir war’, because they fought for Kashmir for the first time. Pakistan Maharajah was trying to occupy the Kashmir, and they occupied the Princely state.  Maharajah signed the agreement that giving the princely state to India. India called US to support them against Pakistan and the UN security council passed a resolution on 22nd April 1948. And the war came to a conclusion during December 1948, with a resolution that dividing Kashmir into territories, nort…

Indian Army Stunning Performance Video

Indian Army - ADGPI has released a 1.58 minutes video which includes stunning performance of our Indian Army.
This includes the operations at

Mountain warfareFew training clipsCounter insurgency operations Hand to hand combatInstallation of communication devicesMissile launchingShould rocket propellerDeployment of troops from the helicopterLogistics of goodsIce mountainsTank operations at deserts
Hope you all like this.

Post by ADGPI - Indian Army. Hope by viewing this video, the aspirants will get to know about what they are going to do when they get into the army. Video Courtesy:ADGPI - Indian Army (Facebook Page)

Who serves most for the country, Army or Police ?

A difficult question to get answered, who is protecting more ? army or police ?  Both of them if they do the job correctly and dedicate are protecting the nation. Yes, in different ways they are protecting our nation.

If the army is protecting the boundaries from wars, the police force is protecting the people from the normal day to day life issues. Army is working for not only fighting during the wars, but they protect us during the natural calamities arises and ruins the whole country. For example, the floods during uttarakhand, last year, the army’s participation in saving the life was inmarkable .

An army person has lot of duties. The military persons has various roles and responsibilities. The army is acting as the “ national weapon”. They sacrificed their lives for the protection of the citizens. The army plays a vital role in their fight against the terrorists. Recently, our Chennai warrior Mr. Varadharajan, lost his life against the fight with the terrorists.  Likewise, so ma…

World War 1 Group Discussion

The first and the great conflict happened in the world is the world war I. It was happened and flourished between the central powers of Germany, Austria- Hungary and the Ottoman Empire against the allied forces of Great Britain, the United States, France, Russia, Italy and Japan.
During the world war I, all the modern technology has been issued. It resulted in greater unexpected destruction. Research says that, 9 million soldiers has been killed at the end of the war.

On 28th July, the Austro-Hungarians first fired the shots of the first world war. Germany invaded Belgium and then move towards France.  Germany was leading about And on the other side,  the Russian army was against the Austro-Hungarians, with successful soldiers.

We can say that as “War of Attrition”. From 1914 to 1917, soldiers on each side , fired on each other like trenches. They used artillery for fires and lobbed grenades. Whenever the military leaders ordered to attack, the soldiers “safety” went. As the war was…

How to strict the tax payments in India?

What is tax ? Tax is the percentage of amount which an individual has to pay to the government, for the income he is earning. It is the major source of Income for the government. But, is it happening ?
Income tax is the only income which government can plan for the growth of the nation. But, in reality nobody is willing to pay the income tax. Everyone want to use the money for them only.  Our finance minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram said that 2.89 percent of the population only have filed their taxes. Yearly, they have to pay the taxes for the income they are earning. In US, 45 % of the population pays taxes. People are not aware of the need for the tax.

As because the tax system is quite complicated, people are not ready to pay. During 2012-13 government budgeted that, Indians earning below 2 ,00,000 rupees annually are exempted to tax.  And who are in between the 2,00,000 and 5,00,000 are subject to a 10 percent tax. And above 500000 and 1 million rupees, 20 percent tax, and those above…

Pros and Cons of Compulsory Military Training in India

What do you think about the compulsory military training ?
It has its both negative and positive sides.
In all the nations, “ war is a necessary evil”, we can’t avoid that. That is why all the nations feel that compulsory military training is very important. Military is not the modern culture, it is there till the ancient times of our culture, in Europe and in our country. The good physique and strengthened man was trained to use the weapons, and they called them during the emergencies arises.

Need for the compulsory military training :-
1.In the olden days the army alone fought and the civil population of the country, remains unaffected, and that is why we are here now.
2.And, a country can’t expect whenever the conflict arises, so it is very essential to protect ourselves and to keep it reserve a large force, to fight whenever war arises.
3.Military training is an education itself. It improves your national health, builds up national character and morale and also get the hardships.