Indo-Pak War on a brief

The whole world knows about the enmity of India and Pakistan. Even, in cricket, the whole world will watch the opponents of these two teams. Let us discuss, about the wars of the countries. The India Pakistan wars, was having series of conflicts, which starts since 1947. The reason for the continuous war , the two countries got partitioned after it got independent from the Britain. The most violent wars was during 1948, after the Independence of 1947, 1965 and 1971.

The first war during 1947, which is also called as the “ first Kashmir war’, because they fought for Kashmir for the first time. Pakistan Maharajah was trying to occupy the Kashmir, and they occupied the Princely state.  Maharajah signed the agreement that giving the princely state to India. India called US to support them against Pakistan and the UN security council passed a resolution on 22nd April 1948. And the war came to a conclusion during December 1948, with a resolution that dividing Kashmir into territories, northern and western by Pakistan and the Southern, Central and Northeastern areas by India.
Again, a war duing 1965. This was due to the Operation Gibriator into the Jammu and Kashmir. India attacked the west Pakistan fully. The war was there for more than 17 days and there were more than thousands of casualties on both sides and witnessed a largest tank battle, which was there during world war II. Soviet Union and USA interfered, and thus the war came to an end. Both India and Pakistan declared victory.

In 1971, the war happened not for the issue of Kashmir. There was a political battle between the leaders of Pakistan, and they fought in the declaration of Independence of Bangladesh from the state system of Pakistan. 10 millions Bengalis in East Pakistan took refuge in neighbouring India. India interfered the fight and supported Bangladesh. And because of that, Bangladesh got Independence. This was the war in which people were suffered a lot and there were lot of casualties. Pakistan lost many things in that war. 90000 people were killed, including the civilians. Pakistan lost half its navy, a quarter of its air force and a third of its army, an author wrote this.

The war of 1999, we can’t forget it. Which was famously known as “ Kargil war”. The Pakistanis occupied the Kargil district almost. Will discuss in details about the Kargil war.


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