kargil war 1999 India vs Pakistan

During May 1999, there was an armed conflict between India and Pakistan, and it happened in the Kargil district, so the war came to be known as Kargil war. It was the great war, which happened in the recent decades. We can’t forget the war, in our lifetime.

Reason :
Why the war started ? The war started because the infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and kashmiri militants into positions of the Indian side of the Line of the control. Kargil district the line of control lies there. During the initial stages of war, Pakistan blamed the fighting is because of the Kashmir insurgents. But later the Pakistani chief minister and chief of Army staff showed the involvement of Pakistani paramilitary forces.

Before 1947, Kargil was part of district of Ladakh. During the Indo Pak war of 1971, the two countries signed Simla agreement promising not to engage in armed conflict with respect to the boundary. Kargil has extreme climate, during summer also , it will be freezing there. It will go till -48 F. A national highway is connecting Srinagar Via kargil. There they have high mountains, so that they can hide and attack. That is the reason, kargil has been targeted.

And, Kargil is just 173 km from the Pakistani-controlled town of Skardu, from there the Pakistanis was providing support to Pakistani soldiers, in the guise of mujahideen.  They are training Pakistani soldiers there and  they sent them towards the Indian side of the Line of control. That was named as “ Operation Badr”, its aim was to sever the link between the Kashmir and Ladakh. And they demanded that India has to negotiate a settlement for the Kashmir dispute.

The Pakistani Lieutenant general , has confirmed that there were no mujahideens only Pakistani Army soldiers will fight in the Kargil war. The main cause was the control of Kashmir.
Both countries got affected by the war. During the winter season, Indian and Pakistan Armies reduce patrolling of areas that may be avenues of infiltration. During Feb 1999, the winter was severe the Pakistanis began to occupy some posts of the Indian LOC. Pakistan hoisted the Kashmir issue with the UN. The Indian army launched its final attacks in the last week of July.

During that time, Kashmir became the nuclear flash and Kargil issue has been internationalized. Pakistan’s foreign policy was failed and the propogatory front was proved as total collapse at the end. The fighting has been ceased by July 26. That day has been declared as “ Kargil Vijay Diwas”, simply as kargil day. People started praying for the soldiers, atleast on that day. By the end of the war, India has resumed control of all territory south and east of the LOC, as per the Simla agreement during the year 1972.
Pakistan got criticized by all the other countries, and the soldiers have been termed as “ Kashmir freedom fighters”. Nawas sharif was trying to get Clinton’s help, but he refused and asked them to come out of the areas where they crossed the LOC , and he applauded India, for not crossing the LOC. G8 nations supported India.

Pakistan army declared that 453 soldiers were killed. There were 4000 fatalities, 3000 mujahideens. Another major political party says that “ thousands” of soldiers died. Indian estimates that 1042 pakistani soldiers killed. India gave its official casualty figures as 527 dead and 1363 wounded.
But the sad part is, the brief conflict provided considerable dramatic material for filmmakers and authors in India. They made more than 12 movies based on that.

With that effect, India won the 1999 cricket world cup. But being an Indian citizen, we should think that, each and every soldier got killed and wounded for our lives.  A great salute to those soldiers .


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