Pros and Cons of Compulsory Military Training in India

What do you think about the compulsory military training ?
It has its both negative and positive sides.
In all the nations, “ war is a necessary evil”, we can’t avoid that. That is why all the nations feel that compulsory military training is very important. Military is not the modern culture, it is there till the ancient times of our culture, in Europe and in our country. The good physique and strengthened man was trained to use the weapons, and they called them during the emergencies arises.

Need for the compulsory military training :-
1. In the olden days the army alone fought and the civil population of the country, remains unaffected, and that is why we are here now.
2. And, a country can’t expect whenever the conflict arises, so it is very essential to protect ourselves and to keep it reserve a large force, to fight whenever war arises.
3. Military training is an education itself. It improves your national health, builds up national character and morale and also get the hardships.
So, the compulsory military training is necessary in many ways . In the independent government, it is very much essential that, young men is required to take the army as a career, and it is our duty to encourage them. As all the citizens have to live peacefully.  But, there are some arguments in the nation, that compulsory military training is against the humanity.
Yes, it is looking as a slavery mode, if we do compulsory training. We need the military to safeguard our lives, any time anything can happen. The neighboring countries such as Pakistan, may get involved in war at any time. Without a proper training, no one can face the situation. Actually, the recent developments in Asia and the massive military aids have worsened the prospects of peace.  To defend our peace, it is necessary for the military training.
But, in countries like Pakistan, people are getting burden. They are making it as compulsory without the will of the young men. That is rude. That should not be happen. In countries like India, we are doing as along with the career and with the whole consent of the men who is getting involved.
The Pakistanis feel that, their individuality and freedom is most essential than the difficulty in the military training. To defend their country , and to stand as unique they are doing that. Even though the training is very expensive in millions, they won’t stop the training. Because for them, war is essential.
But, you know some people died in the training ? this should not happen anymore. During the training , there should be better policies. To talk perfectly with statistics. Each and every year, 20 million youth are joining in the military training. The soldiers if we count it will be one million. The remaining 19 million people trained , where are they ? then why the need is there to train that much number of people.
Just remove the violent uprisings in the training. Just increase the qualities of the training in discipline, working hard , fitness and energy. There are shortfall in the officer grades, as because they fail to fit in the training. If there are changes happen in the training, then it will be effective and useful and sure our nation, will be saved.
The government should take steps to change the military training. And they should give the training, according to the grades of the workforce, not simply for all. 


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