Who serves most for the country, Army or Police ?

A difficult question to get answered, who is protecting more ? army or police ?  Both of them if they do the job correctly and dedicate are protecting the nation. Yes, in different ways they are protecting our nation.

If the army is protecting the boundaries from wars, the police force is protecting the people from the normal day to day life issues. Army is working for not only fighting during the wars, but they protect us during the natural calamities arises and ruins the whole country. For example, the floods during uttarakhand, last year, the army’s participation in saving the life was inmarkable .

An army person has lot of duties. The military persons has various roles and responsibilities. The army is acting as the “ national weapon”. They sacrificed their lives for the protection of the citizens. The army plays a vital role in their fight against the terrorists. Recently, our Chennai warrior Mr. Varadharajan, lost his life against the fight with the terrorists.  Likewise, so many soldiers have lost their life towards the nation protection.

The bomb squad in the army is also living a high risky life. But eventhough they sacrifice their lives for the protection of the people. Anything may happen while disposing the bomb. Many have lost their lives during the disposing it. But, they have saved the numerous lives. These are the best protecting forces given by the army.

The police also, not less force to the army. They are sacrificing more than the army. The police force are working for all the activities for the life. They work on the next street’s theft till the high level gambling. They work for the protection of the citizens inside the city all the time. The special force of  the police, who work on the operation team of the Indian army, secretly.

The encounter is a word which seems to be high risky in the police force. But, being performing that, the police are helping the nation to live in peace. The traffic police save the life of many people, in a day. The police can be rude to the common man, but they have to be like that only. So that the criminals will get fear of them. There are lot of criminal activities are happening in the day to day life.
But , the main drawback with the police force is that they have to be in the control of the ruling government . yes, this problem is not for our army force. They have to obey the ruling government . They have to participate for the speeches held by the Government. They have to organize for all the small activities of the government.

Research says that the Tamilnadu police has the best force in India. And secondly, the Kerala police force comes. The Tamilnadu has a successful history, intelligence, speed activity and less corruption. But ,the media, the newspapers portraited the negative force of the police. The positive signs of the police force are not coming out.

But according to my knowledge , if the negative people in the police, gets sucked out in the police force means, the police force can be treated as the best force than the army. But, now I can conclude this topic as Army is the best force in the national protection.


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