World War 1 Group Discussion

 The first and the great conflict happened in the world is the world war I. It was happened and flourished between the central powers of Germany, Austria- Hungary and the Ottoman Empire against the allied forces of Great Britain, the United States, France, Russia, Italy and Japan.
During the world war I, all the modern technology has been issued. It resulted in greater unexpected destruction. Research says that, 9 million soldiers has been killed at the end of the war.

On 28th July, the Austro-Hungarians first fired the shots of the first world war. Germany invaded Belgium and then move towards France.  Germany was leading about And on the other side,  the Russian army was against the Austro-Hungarians, with successful soldiers.

We can say that as “War of Attrition”. From 1914 to 1917, soldiers on each side , fired on each other like trenches. They used artillery for fires and lobbed grenades. Whenever the military leaders ordered to attack, the soldiers “safety” went. As the war was having the trench war style, lot of young men were died in the world war I.  Many people were killing daily, that is why it has been said as war of attrition.
During 1917, Russia became up in the revolution.  The new communist government, made Russia to move away from the world war I. Russia signed the Brest-Litovsk peace treaty with Germany on March 3, 1918. And as a result of this, Germany was able to divert these troops to the west in order to face the new American soldiers.

The fight continued in the next year too.  Millions of soldiers were died during the war, but the result was little land only they gained. There was a huge difference between the European troops and the American troops. The freshness was remained for long years in the American troops, they were very enthusiastic till the last day of the war. Whereas the European troops, got tired and tired enough over the course of time of the war, as it happened for years. They lost the energy to fight more.
And, during the due course, the Versallice treaty, were argued and formed the peace treaty . And because of the arguments and they made many compromises and such that the war got ended. The terms of the peace treaty was anyway controversial only. Both the sides of the troops get compromised and signed and ended it finally.
The result of the war , it was counted that 10 millions soldiers were killed. If calculated by average, 6,500 deaths every day was happened and added that millions of civilians were killed. What the civilians do ? for the egoism between the countries , for some good result of someone, for the benefit of someone, many people have lost their lives.
We can say, World war I was the rude war and the blood war .. 


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