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How to solve series completion problems?

A series is continuous collection of numbers, letters in a specific sequence. In series completion questions, a series will be given and the candidate is expected to complete the series by choosing the correct one from the given alternatives. In verbal reasoning, three types of series completion questions are found,
1.Number Series In number series, some numbers will be given and we need to find out the missing one. By analyzing the given series we can find some pattern by which the series is appearing. Thus we can find exact number which will complete the series.
Type 1: Completing the given series by finding the missing term. Example: 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, ?         a). 15     b).16      c). 17     d). 12 Solution: b). 16
By looking in to the series we can see, Example: 48, 24, 72, 36, 108, ?         a). 112   b). 224  c). 244   d). 54 Solution: d). 54
Look at the series, Practice Questions:- 1. 1, 4, 9, 16, ? a). 19             b). 25     c). 20     d). 36 2. 1, 27, 125, 343, ? a). 729           b). 44…

How to solve coding and decoding problems in verbal reasoning?

Friends, this coding and decoding type problems we can expect in all type of screening tests.  Especially in day 1 of SSB screening.  Lets start now,

A code is a system of signals and coding is the way of communication between a sender and a receiver without the cognizance of a third party. This test is set up to judge the candidate ability to decipher the rule that codes a particular word/message. These types of questions are generally found in following ways:-
1.Letter Coding In these type of questions each letter in a word is replaced by some other letters. This will be according to some rules, logic. A candidate is expected to find out this rule/logic of coding. Type 1: To form code for another word (coding) Example: 1. In a certain code language ARMY is written as ZQLX. How will NAVY will be coded in the same way?                 1). MBWX            2). MBWZ            3). MZUX             4). MZTX
Solution:  3). MZUX                   Look at the given Code:                          A  …

How to solve classification questions in verbal reasoning?

Analogy and Classification Questions for SSB

Classification means to assort the items of a given group on the basis of certain common quality they possess and then spot the stranger or the odd one out. The question will consist of four or five terms, out of which one will be different from the rest. You are expected to find the common characteristics of the 4 terms and find the one which does not have this characteristics or not belong to them.

Classification Questions Can be following types: i.Letter Classification ii.Number Classification iii.Word/Item Classification
i.              Letter Classification                         Letter Classification can be based on any of the following ·Vowel and Consonant Relationship Example:     1. a) A            b) Q       c) U        d) E                 Ans: b) Q                 Here A, U, E are Vowels and Q is a Consonant.                        2. a) I              b) R        c) Z         d) B                 Ans: a) I                 Here R…

NCC and NSS in student life

An interesting topic to discuss for. The full form of NSS is National service scheme and NCC means National cadet corps. All of us, would have crossed this during our school and college days. Many would have participated in that.
Let’s first start with the NCC. NCC is an unit formed by the Indian military corps in Delhi. , in which the students participate themselves .  First, it was started in 1666 in Germany, in India it has started during 1948 and the girls division started in 1952. It spreads in all over the Universities, colleges and schools. Colleges and schools maintains a wing in their Institutes. The aim of the NCC is to develop character, discipline, leadership, the spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service among the youth of the Nation.
The Motto of NCC is “ Unity and discipline”. Unity means the oneness, irrespective of the caste, color or creed. Discipline is the basic quality needed for all the youth of this Nation. The college and schools will issue a NCC …

How to solve analogy questions in verbal reasoning?

Analogy and Classification questions for SSB

Analogy: Fun     :     Party: Excitement Reasoning by analogy is a process of transferring information or meaning from one particular subject to (the analogue or source or materials) to another particular subject (the target). It is a type of Logical Reasoning where decision making, problem solving, perceptive power, memory, creativity etc. of a candidate is tested. Like any other logical reasoning you need to have only one tool to solve this.  Because to become an officer in any cadre, logical reasoning is a prime quality to have in all the decision making processes.   “COMMON SENSE” Analogy questions can be different types and identifying the type with common sense is the way to solve it. Some common types of analogies are:
Word Analogy Here the relationship between one set of words will be same as the relationship between second set of words. Example:            See: Watch   ::    Hear : Listen                        Look at the relationshi…