How to solve analogy questions in verbal reasoning?

Analogy and Classification questions for SSB

Analogy: Fun     :     Party: Excitement
Reasoning by analogy is a process of transferring information or meaning from one particular subject to (the analogue or source or materials) to another particular subject (the target). It is a type of Logical Reasoning where decision making, problem solving, perceptive power, memory, creativity etc. of a candidate is tested. Like any other logical reasoning you need to have only one tool to solve this.  Because to become an officer in any cadre, logical reasoning is a prime quality to have in all the decision making processes.  
Analogy questions can be different types and identifying the type with common sense is the way to solve it. Some common types of analogies are:

Word Analogy
Here the relationship between one set of words will be same as the relationship between second set of words.
Example:            See: Watch   ::    Hear : Listen
                       Look at the relationship between given set of words. Seeing something is similar to watching something. In the same way we can have Hearing something is similar to listening something. Or simply:-
                                “See is to Watch as Hear is to listen”
·         Synonym Analogy
Analogy with Synonyms or same meaning.
Example:   See: Watch    :     Hear : Listen
·         Antonym Analogy
Analogy with Antonyms or opposite meaning.
Example:    Push: Pull    :    Lend: Borrow

 Cause and Effect Analogy:-
Here there will be an emotion caused by some action or some effect as a result of some actions.
                Example:         Joy: Success     :     Havoc: Hurricane
                                        Success can cause Joy. In the same way a Hurricane can cause Havoc.

 Part and Whole Analogy:-
Example:          Keyboard: Computer        :           Petal: Flower
                        Keyboard is a part of Computer. In the same way Petal is a part of Flower.

Classification Analogies:-
Example:         Car: Vehicle           :             Crow: Bird
                          Car can be classified as a Vehicle. In the same way Crow can be classified as a Bird.

Characteristic Analogy:-
Example:         Puppies: Furry           :            Fish: Slippery
                       Puppies are Furry. In the same way Fish is Slippery.

Degree Analogy:-
Example:         Giggle: Laugh          :           Sob: Cry
Giggle is the high point of Laughing. In the same way Sobbing is high point of Crying.

Function Analogy:-
Example:         Knife: Cut        :         Needle: Stich
                       Knife is used for Cutting. Needle is used for Stitching.

Performer and Action Analogy:-
Example:         Singer: Sing         :          Soldier: Defend
                       Singer will sing the song. In the same way Soldier will defend his country.

Action and Object Analogy:-
Example:         Vegetable: Cut       :        Ball: Throw
                           You can cut a Vegetable. In the same way you can throw a Ball. 

 Location Analogy:-
Example:         Shark: Sea       ::       Lion : Forest
                      You can find a Shark in Sea. In the same way you can find a Lion in the forest.

These are some common types of analogies. There can be even more. By applying some Logic and Commonsense the relationship between the given words can be found out.

Practice Questions

1.       Radish: Root     :       Rose : __?__
a)      Garden      b) Fragrance         c) Thom                d) Flower             e) None of these

2.       Teacher: School     :       Cook: __?__
a)Food      b) Kitchen         c) Hostel              d) House              e) None of these

3.       Odometer: Mileage     :       Compass: __? __
a) Speed      b) Direction        c) Needle            d) Deflection      e) None of these

4.       Wall: Brick    :       Book : __?__
a) Word        b) Cover               c) Shelf                 d) Pen                   e) None of these

5.       Soldier: Army     :       Sailor: __?__
a) Air force  b) Navy                c) War                   d) Peace              e) None of these

6.       Cup: Coffee     :       Bowl: __? __
a) Sandwich    b) Soup            c) Food                 d) Plastic              e) None of these

7.       Square: Perimeter     :       Circle: __? __
a) Area         b) Radius             c) Diameter        d) Circumference             e) None of these

8.       Victory: Defeat    :       King: __? __
a) Poor         b) Kingdom         c) Queen             d) Prince              e) None of these

9.       If: Condition    :       But: __? __
a) Contradiction b) Inference c) Approval     d) Argument      e) None of these

10.   Captain: Team    :       CEO: __? __
a) Manager b) Employee      c) Company        d) Chairman       e) None of these

11.   River: Flow     :       Pool: __? __
a) Sea            b) Swim                c) Stagnant         d) Water              e) None of these

12.   Doctor: Diagnosis     :       Judge: __? __
a) Court        b) Adjourn          c) Lawyer             d) Judgment      e) None of these

13.   West Bengal: Calcutta     ::       Rajasthan : __?__
a) Thar b) Jaipur        c) Desert              d) State                e) None of these

14.   Cube: Square     :       Sphere: __? __
a) Circle        b) Ellipse              c) Geometry      d) Radius             e) None of these

15.   Love: Adore     :       Dislike: __? __
a) Disagree b) Agree              c) Argue                          d) Hate      e) None of these

16.   Amalgamate: Seperate    :       Weaken: __? __
a) Strengthen b) Lazy             c) Apathetic        d) Graceful         e) None of these

17.   Professor: Lecture     :       Doctor : __?__
a) Treat        b) Hospital          c) Patient             d) Nurse                              e) None of these

18.   Optimist: Cheerful     :       Pessimist: __? __
a) Petty        b) Helpless          c) Helpful             d) Gloomy           e) None of these

19.   Snake: Reptile     :       Tulip: __? __
a) Flower     b) Tree c) Stem                 d) Leaf  e) None of these

20.   Spy: Clandestine    :       Accountant: __? __
a) Company                b) Money            c) Meticulous     d) Manager        e) None of these


1. D   2. B         3. B         4. A        5. B         6. B         7. D        8. C         9. A        10. C      11. C      12. D      13. B     14. A      15. D      16. A      17. A      18. D      19. A      20. C                      


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