How to solve Blood Relation problems in verbal reasoning?

This is a test to measure the knowledge of candidate on blood relations and the mental ability to find out different blood relations in a family. In order to solve these tests, following terms are to be known. 

Note: - After reading the below relationships, just imagine the below relationships in your own family.  So that you can easily visualize, when you read a question.  It helps to save the time.

Mother’s or Father’s Son
Mother’s or Father’s Daughter
Mother’s or Father’s Brother
Mother’s or Father’s Sister
Mother’s or Father’s Father
Grand father
Mother’s or Father’s Mother
Grand mother
Son’s Wife
Daughter’s Husband
Husbands or Wife’s Sister
Husbands or Wife’s Brother
Brother’s Son
Brother’s Daughter
Uncles or Aunt’s Son or Daughter
Sister’s Husband
Brother’s Wife
Grandson’s or Granddaughter’s Daughter
Great grand daughter

Grandson’s or Granddaughter’s Daughter: Great grand daughter
Example: 1. Pointing to a Lady, Rama said “She is the Daughter of my Grandfather’s only Son”. How is Rama related to the lady?
                a). Niece              b). Sister              c). Mother          d). Daughter

Solution: b). Sister
Analyze the question. Rama’s Grandfather’s only Son means none other than her Father itself. Now, the Lady is the Daughter of Rama’s Father. This means the lady is the Sister of Rama.

Example: 2. Pointing to a Man on the stage, Roshni said, “ He is the Brother of the Daughter of the Wife of my Husband”. How is the man on the stage related to Roshni?
                a). Husband        b). Son                  c). Uncle              d). Cousin

Solution: b). Son
Start analyzing the question from my Husband. Wife of my Husband means Roshni herself. Now Brother of the Daughter of Roshni means Roshni has a Daughter and Son. The man on the stage is none other than Roshni’s Son.

1. Pointing to a Man, Ram said, “ He is the Brother of my Wife’s only Sister”. How is the man related to Rohan?
                a). Brother          b). Nephew                        c). Brother-in-Law           d). Cousin

2. Pointing to a Man on the Photograph, Ram said, “ He is the only Son of the Brother of my Grandfather’s only Daughter”. How is the man on the Photograph related to Ram?
                a). Father            b). Brother                          c). Cousin            d). Son

3.Pointing to a Gentleman, Ram said, “ His Only Brother is the Father of my Daughter’s Father”. How is the Gentleman related to Ram?
                a). Uncle              b). Son                  c). Brother          d). Cousin

4. Looking at a Portrait of a Man, Ram said,” His Mother is the Wife of my Father’s Son. Brother’s and Sister’s I have none”. At whose portrait was Ram looking?
                a). His Uncle       b). His Son                           c). His Brother   d). His Nephew

5. If Kamal says, “ Ram ’s Mother is the Only Daughter of my Mother”, how is Kamal related to Ram ?
                a). Brother          b). Uncle              c). Grandfather                 d). Father

6. Ram said to Nithin, “ That boy playing football is the younger of the two brothers of the Daughter of my Father’s Wife”. How is the boy playing football related to Ram ?
                a). Son                  b). Brother          c). Cousin            d). Nephew

1. c                         2. c                         3. a                         4. b                         5. b                         6. B

Relation Puzzle
This is another way of asking questions based on blood relations. Here mutual blood relations of more than two persons are given. We need to analyze the given information, workout a family chart and find out the answer.

How to work out family chart?
The simple method to solve relation puzzle is to work out a Family Chart.

Basic Elements of a Family Chart:

Representation of Male, Female relationships in Blood Relations

Representation of Mother, Son, Husband, Wife relationship in Blood Relations

Two or Three blood relation questions are usually asked in screening tests of SSB.  Though, those are so easy to approach.  The diagrammatic approach given above is for easy approach.  Though, it depends on the individuals in solving the problem fast as per their own style.

Good luck friends.  


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