Dress code for women at SSB Interview by recommended candidate

Howdy young ladies?
All of you deserve a round of applause on getting shortlisted for one of the most reputed and challenging interviews in India.. The SSB interview! :)

I am sure most of you may have seen how elegant lady officers and army wives are! Their dressing sense, the way they carry themselves is highly admirable.
As we all know, first impression is the last impression. True though.

I would say, present yourself in the best possible manner.
Accept yourself first. None of us are perfect. In fact, finding happiness amidst our imperfections can enhance our natural charm and confidence!

Coming back to the dress code, here's a quick list of must-haves for the interview:
- Decent, tied hair preferably
- No makeup
- 1 set of dark coloured trouser + light colour shirt / punjabi suit / saree for interview
-  Preferably black shoes / sandals for interview
- Track suit + white tee / Punjabi suit for GTO tasks
- Preferably white shoes for GTO tasks
- 1/2 pair of socks
- Winter wear, depending on the season
- NO dirty nails, untidy hair, unironed clothes

Focus on your posture as well. If you have your shoulder back and chin up whenever you walk or stand, it implies that you are confident enough and have a larger self-esteem!

Most of all, wear a genuine smile on your face and see the difference it makes! :)

Keep smiling and keep reading.

About the Author:-

Living in Pune, Maharashtra, India. An Electrical Design engineer by profession. Learning belly dance. Love reading and talking about philosophy, romance, politics, history.. Specially Mahabharata. :-)
- Apurva Gaikwad


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