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Rapid fire questions for working professionals in SSB personal interview

Gentleman, in the personal interview you may get a sequence of questions called as Rapid Fire Questions.  This set of question varies from person to person.  For an example, the NDA entry candidate may get questions based on their school life and a college student may get questions from their college and hostel life.  The working professionals get a different set of questions.

NOTE: - Even, if you have been working in a new organization after your degree for few months.  You may get rapid fire questions in both from your college as well as work life.  So be prepared for all.  Below, consists of set of most expected rapid fire questions at SSB personal interview for working professionals.  The way of question may vary for each individual but the pattern will be the same. Where you have been working?Why you switched from this company to that company in short period of time?Why you need a job change that too into defense?Whom you like in your team and Why?Whom you don’t like in your team…

Laser weapons in the air force by United States, An innovation to change future warfare

In the upcoming five years, it is said that the fifth generation fighter aircraft's will hold laser equipment's.  These were declared at the recent United States Air Force Conference.  The research for this has been in progress for the last 30 years and recently it has attained its final stages.  The Analysts believe that this laser weapon type of warfare may include changes in the future wars.

In the beginning stages, the laser weapons were utilized in US Navy ships, but the results were not up to the mark.  So, these were dropped at those stages and focuses changed towards the Air Craft’s with laser weapons.  Right now, they are in a position to test the designed weapons and their plan is to commission these weapon systems by 2020.  The fact is these high beam laser waves can tackle air craft’s, stealth air craft’s, drones and even incoming missiles.  So, defense analyst, expects these will make drastic changes in the future defense equipment productions.

The rece…