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Indo Russia deals 2015 - Prime Minister Modi visit to Russia 2015

Friends, the following are the some of important points on our honorable Prime Minister visit to Russia.

India and Russia signs agreements on specific to Energy and Defense.India tells Russia that it is more willing to modernize its armed forces and to increase its self production by Make in India projects along with initiating development of production units in India itself.Putin said, Russian construction giants are more interested to invest in India to develop our infrastructure.Putin said Moscow believed India was "among the most honorable candidates" for permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council.Russia is willing to build another six nuclear blocks in next 20 years.Russia and India will together build multi-task Kamov-226 helicoptersThis is going to be be the first large-scale project of the government's "Make in India" initiative till now.  This can be considered as an initiative to other countries in invest in India for our "Make i…

Does SSB Coaching Help? - By Commander Natarajan of Indian Navy - SSB Gurukul

Each year several thousand aspirants go to SSB for selection and since the selection process at SSB is very unconventional; many of those go to various academies in the country spending nearly 15,000 rupees. It is not only about money, one has to travel and spend 10 -15 days in the academy keeping aside their school/college/work schedule. Having written a book on SSB which is the most popular among aspirants I get several calls from every part of the country seeking admission in my academy for coaching. In order not to compromise on providing one to one personalized coaching I often refer candidates to other academies.

Having done this for more than a year I asked myself a question “Does coaching really help” and my very frank answer is “not really”. Coming all the way to the academy and spending 15 days at best help the candidates in familiarizing themselves with the process/ various tests at the SSB. If that be so I thought of other possible ways of giving first-hand experience of …