Does SSB Coaching Help? - By Commander Natarajan of Indian Navy - SSB Gurukul

Each year several thousand aspirants go to SSB for selection and since the selection process at SSB is very unconventional; many of those go to various academies in the country spending nearly 15,000 rupees. It is not only about money, one has to travel and spend 10 -15 days in the academy keeping aside their school/college/work schedule. Having written a book on SSB which is the most popular among aspirants I get several calls from every part of the country seeking admission in my academy for coaching. In order not to compromise on providing one to one personalized coaching I often refer candidates to other academies.

Having done this for more than a year I asked myself a question “Does coaching really help” and my very frank answer is “not really”. Coming all the way to the academy and spending 15 days at best help the candidates in familiarizing themselves with the process/ various tests at the SSB. If that be so I thought of other possible ways of giving first-hand experience of various tests at SSB which should be far less expensive and perhaps would benefit the same amount as that of a coaching institute. There are three things that no coaching centre in this world can develop in a candidate in
15 days.

1. The Personality
2. Communication in English
3. Physical Fitness
and leaving these three things aside rest everything else required for SSB can very easily be learnt virtually. Hence I asked myself as to why no one in this country has come out with a virtual learning tool which will save time and resource and provide the added advantage of learning at one’s own pace and within the comfort of their homes. Perhaps it is the commercial interest which has prevented from going virtual. Therefore I have decided to be the pioneer and provide a virtual learning kit at a very affordable cost which can be used by every SSB aspirant irrespective of their
school /college/work schedule.

I am confident that this virtual kit will be as effective as attending any coaching centre and if this is used along with my book SSB Interview the Complete Guide the outcome can be far more dramatic. I hope this sincere effort of mine will get the same attention love and patronage from all the SSB aspirants. For the three things that I have mentioned earlier there is nothing that any academy can do. Every aspirant will have to slug out themselves to improve. Here are some of the tips.

1. If you are fat and a fattu stop hogging and start running.
2. If you can’t speak English start speaking, watch English news and read English newspaper.
3. And if you are a cunning idiot be nice to others, others will be nice to you.

It can be as simple as A, B and C above and I don’t think any coaching institute in this world can teach you better!

By Commander Natarajan of Indian Navy - SSB Gurukul
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