How hobbies affect your life ?

How Hobbies Influence Human Life ?
     One of the Human’s essential shades of life is hobbies. According to one’s personal interest and choices, he likes to do an activity regularly for enjoyment in his leisure time. This activity is termed as hobby. There are many shades of hobbies. Some of them can be branched as Creative hobbies, Sporty hobbies, indoor hobbies, outdoor hobbies and lot more.

Importance of hobbies in our life
        Our hobbies are reflections of our interests. A hobby can tell a lot about a person. If one has drawing as hobby, then he must an art lover. If one likes to sing, dance or act then he may be lover of performing arts. If one has hobby of photography or showing magic tricks then he would be creative. Whereas a person who has hobbies likes playing cards, drinking or smoking is considered to be an imbalanced or bad person. If we nurture our hobbies continually then we can be skilled and expert in that particular area.

Hobbies in ssb

     Often people think hobbies are part of people with quiet and relaxed lives. But hobbies can also be a part of a normal busy, stressful person. It may provide a break from the busy schedule of a person and fade away the stress from them.  Little gardening or short evening walk can make oneself relax. Doing yoga will help in stress management. Listening to slow music can bring a smile on one’s face. While, some people find cooking or baking makes time delightful.

     Collection of things is joyful and exciting hobby. Sometimes it depends upon your pocket. If collection of sports car, aircraft's or jewels is your hobby then you need to be really rich. Comparatively, collection of different coins or stamps can be affordable. Never-the-less both gives the feeling of gratification. 

     Sporty hobbies are likely to stimulate physical and mental strength. Cycling helps to improving cardiovascular fitness of the body. Likewise, Swimming is a low impact activity that has many physical and mental benefits. Unlike hobbies like crocheting and hiking, few hobbies can also risk your life and increase your 
insurance rates. Aviation, Skydiving, Scuba diving, Racing, Rock climbing, Hang gliding and more can be adventurous and fun to do but at same time you are risking your only life. But it could be achieved by regular practice and determination.

    What if we have a hobby that not only serves us but others also?  Social Service can ignite the feeling of humanity to the world. And it could be considered as most valuable hobby. Regular visits to orphanage and old-age homes can improve us on our sense to social responsibility. Teaching our skills to orphan can make society grow. Talking to old-age people in weekends can let them feel better. Sharing our food/clothes or any extras we have can be divine. 

“Hobbies can be self- booster in shaping a promising personality. So be wise on choosing your hobby. And be consistent to pursue them”
Neeta, from Mumbai. She is a software engineer by profession who always want to explore new things and wants to travel to all the unexplored horizons. She has multiple interestes and this writing is one among them. She likes to spend time in creative writing, crafts, designing, dance and obviously with friends. A fun loving girl, wants to make people happy.
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