How to find your inner potential ?

     Inner potential is something that no knows better than you. People mostly think that they are too lazy for something or everything that happens. Many people feel so low about themselves. They try to do everything they know still they are not satisfied. Some are so depressed that they even give up on dreams. Few are there who never dream because of past failures.

     Happiness is the baby step to find your Inner potential. If you are happy more often then you feel positive waves rushing in your veins.  If one wish to be happy it can’t be found in books. Book shows you paths but you are one who needs to walk. If you want to stay happy just try to make others happy. Don`t depend on things, persons or surrounding for happiness. Do the thing that brings joy.

     Believe in yourself. The things you do just try to be correct and leave the rest to future. Once you start doing thinks correctly and thinking before speaking, you will start building belief in yourself.

     If you have any problem that is being difficult write it down. Than make two parts, one part as the Reasons for the problems and the other part as the Solutions. And start writing the Reasons for the problems below as many as possible. Now start writing the solutions for every reason you wrote. This will give you ways to deal with problems effectively.

     Never feed yourself with unhealthy, whether it is food, thoughts or person. Avoid negativity and be curious to be positive. Forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past. Remember the things that make you feel happy. If something good happens to you remember it and if possible write it. Write all the good things happened to you and good memories like nice compliments, appreciation or simple act that you are proud of. So when you are hard time or low feeling towards yourself you can revise those things and feel better.

     Dare to dream. Don’t start making huge project for future just be happy for the moment. Try to make small goals for yourself and enjoy doing it.

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Neeta, from Mumbai. She is a software engineer by profession who always want to explore new things and wants to travel to all the unexplored horizons. She has multiple interests and this writing is one among them. She likes to spend time in creative writing, crafts, designing, dance and obviously with friends. A fun loving girl, wants to make people happy.
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