Personality Preparation

SSB Interview and Personality Preparation for Defense Interviews
Hi friends, welcome you all for this preparation section.  I am sharing my knowledge about SSB preparation up to my extent.  It’s a long page, so please be patient in reading the whole.

The preparation for this contains 80% mental preparation and remaining 20% physical preparation.  Since why I am saying 80% mental preparation is, they will see your attitude, personality only.  Not your robust physique.  But if you are robust in your physique it’s your plus only.

     Some says we should go for selection without preparation.  I agree with those persons but the fact is preparation is nothing but how much extent we are showing our self truly to the board members i.e. how we are expressing our qualities, knowledge etc by preparing well for the selection environment.  For this we need preparation.  So I am not telling you to bluff or lie in the process, My point is be prepared to perform well in selection environment to show your qualities and knowledge truthfully with proper preparation.   One important thing is it’s a service and not a job.  Please be devoted towards it.

Let we come to the preparation part,
First I want to explain you
i) What is SSB?
ii) Schedule at SSB?

What is SSB?
     SSB means Service Selection Board.  It is set by the ministry of Defense for the recruitment of officers to the Tri Forces such as Army, Navy and Air force.  The Selection Board consists of senior officers from defense forces usually in the rank of major, colonel, Lt Colonel. The board consists of psychologists, GTO to check the candidate’s ability for defense forces.  The aim of the Board is to find the right candidate with certain qualities called Officer like Qualities OLQ’s.  The centers are located in four geographical regions of our countrysuch as Selection Centre East, Selection Centre South, and Selection Centre Central.

Schedule at SSB:-
      The schedule consists of five days, the candidates have to report one day earlier by afternoon before the first day of process.  In the afternoon/evening they are briefed on detailed schedule of the next five days, code of  conduct and are briefed on detailed schedule of the next five days about code of conduct.  Then they are required to complete the documentation including verification of required certificates for age/educational qualification. This day is called the arrival day.

The whole Schedule Process:
Day 1:
     The first day consists of basic intelligence of verbal and non verbal reasoning questions.  There is no special dedication needed for this,  A basic intelligence is enough to score well in this section.

PPDT - Picture Perception and Description Test.

Picture Perception:
     A picture is shown for 30 seconds  or 1 minute and the candidate has to note down the age, sex character, mood(past, present, future) of the character seen in the picture.  By noting these seven parameters the candidates are ordered to write down a story based on this.

Picture Description:
     In this scenario, the group is divided into 10-15 numbers based on the strength of the batch.  Later each candidate is asked to narrate his own story.  After completing the individual narration, the candidates have to discuss among themselves like a normal group discussion and arrive at a conclusion that which story suits best for the picture.

To know more about screening of day 1 with tips CLICKHERE

Day 2:(Psychological processes)
       The day two is the very important day in the service selection board process, as it consists of psychological process.  These include

TAT - Thematic Appreciation Test,
WAT - Word Association Test,
SRT - Situation Reaction Test,
SD - Self Description.

To know more about the psychological process with tips CLICK HERE

Day 3 & 4:(Group Task)

The group tasks consist of various indoor and outdoor activities observed by the GTO.
The tasks include
i) Group Discussion.
ii) Group Planning or Military Planning Exercises.
iii)Progressive Group Task.
iv)Group Obstacle Race.
v) Half Group Task.
vi) Individual Lecturette

4th Day:

vii) Individual Obstacles.
Vii) Command Task
viii) Final Group Task.

To know elaborately about day 3&4 of group tasks CLICK HERE .

The PERSONAL INTERVIEW (PI) will be on any one of the day on 2,3 and 4.  To know more about PI CLICK HERE

Day 5(conference):
Closing address by the deputy president of the board.
Announcement of the results

The medical check up is only for the recommended candidates.  To know more about medical check up CLICKHERE

Ok, let we come for the preparation.

Here I am dividing the preparation part as two,
i) Before the selection process(Self Realization) and
ii) For the selection process(preparation).

i) Before the interview (Self Realization):-
     We are going to a devoted service for the mother land.  So while going for the selection processwe should realize our self i.e. what we are doing daily, like

Am I using my time correctly?
Am I kind and helpful to others?
Am I spending my free time with good hobbies etc?
E.g. Before going to temple, we used to keep our self clean, like that I am saying. 

Please take a paper and pen before going to this part, Also be truthful to yourself in this part as this is the first step towards success.

Note down in the paper the time you are getting up from bed and the time you are going to sleep.
In this first note the number of hours you are sleeping, then
Chart it one by one as
              What are the things you are doing daily?
              Types of friends you meet.
              Topics you are talking to your friends.
              Observe the comments of your friends towards your actions.
              Observe the comments of your parents towards your actions.
              Observe the comments of your teachers towards your actions.
              Time spending for listening news
              Time spending with your family members
              Social adaptability works (N.S.S., Blood donation)
              Time spending for physical exercise.
              Time spending for hobbies.
              Time spending for recreation.(cinema, parties)
              Time spending for games/sports.
             Daily amount of money you are spending and saving. Etc.
            Are you keeping yourself clean?

Just note down from morning to till bed at night, what are all the things you are doing.
About Working Hours:-
     Now find number of hours you are sleeping, if it is 6 to 8 hours, then ok.  If it is more than 8 hours, then try to reduce it put that time in some useful things.  In Defense they want the candidates to be sharp, smart and active.  They don’t prefer the candidates who are lazy and spending time in bed more.

About Friends:-
     Be clear in the friends you meet daily, since there is a famous quote “Show your friends, I will tell you who you are?”  Like that be clear in what you are talking to our friends and how they are talking to you.  Observe whether you are talking topics positively, constructively, useful to others, social adaptable etc.  If you found the topics talked by your friends and you are destructive, useless, negatively then try to change yourself and your friends to talk positively and constructively. 

Also if you found your group of friends are talking constructively and positively then hear their comments towards your nature and character.

About Parents and Teachers:-
     Note it down as what your parents, teachers say about you.  Why I am saying is there is a part in psychological process called self description, in this we have to write as what our parents, teachers, friends say about us.  If we note down truly what they are talking about us, then it will be cake walk for us in psychological process and also in PI.

Note from the chart, the time you are spending for your physical exercise, since the officer in defense service should be fit enough to lead his team and to care his materials and men.

About Hobbies:-
     Hobbies, this is an important part of life.  Why I am saying is, there is a famous quote “Idle brain is devils work shop” like this, if we are idle without any hobby, then our mind may think negatively.  So the board of officers expects the candidate to have a good hobby.  So have a good hobby in free hours such that it improves your concentration, attitude etc.

How to choose the hobby, there are many hobbies such as philately, trekking, horse riding, blogging etc.  But the fact they expect is, the hobby chosen by candidate should be acceptable and it should be followed in the training academies (IMA, OTA).  Such that if we say hobby as blogging, it is difficult to engage a computer in the academy for this type of hobby.  While if we say hobby as table tennis, then the candidate may play table tennis in his free time with his group of friends.  Such that they expect the candidates to use their free times in academies purposefully. (They don’t want to keep the candidate brain idle). If a good hobby is in your chart, try to gain more knowledge about your hobby.

About games/sports:-
     Note from the chart, how much time you are spending for playing games/sports etc.  Since a normal energetic youth should have a game/sport and he should be interested to play a game.  As it improves concentrations and also relaxes the mind.  So try to play games if not in your chart.  If a game is in your chart, try to gain more knowledge about that game/sport.

The aim of the self realization chart is that whether the candidate is spending each and every minute of his day time usefully for the self and for the surroundings.  i.e. This is the life of an Army officer, that is how he is setting example by keeping himself perfect, fit for the team members. 

Now the Preparation:-
     In the preparation I will tell you how to prepare for each and every process.  I will divide this part based on days.

Day – I
      The Day – I consist of OIRT and PPDT.  OIRT – Officer Intelligence Rating Test and  PPDT.
OIRT is nothing but the reasoning questions.  These consists of portions such as verbal and non verbal reasoning.  They syllabus is as follows:-

Verbal Reasoning and
Non Verbal Reasoning.
Syllabus covered under Verbal Reasoning:-
Analogy and Classification.
Coding - Decoding.
Number Series.
Blood Relations.
Direction problem.
Seating Arrangement.
Puzzle problem.
Basic mathematical aptitude.
Syllabus covered under Non-Verbal Reasoning:-
Analogy and Classification of figures.
Complete and Incomplete Pattern of figures
Cubes and Dice
Venn Diagram (simple one).

CLICK HERE for thorough knowledge about syllabus and model questions.
The candidates need no extra preparation to face this .  If you prepared well for the bank exams, college level placement exams then you will tackle this easily. 

Also if you want to write a online exam for OIRT CLICK HERE.

The score in the OIRT is important since, they consider this mark only while putting the all India merit list for the training academies.  Also note that the mark at the OIRT is not a reason for the rejection in the screening day.  The selection and rejection of candidates on the screening day is purely based on the PPDT only. (since its not that much possible to correct all the answer papers of the candidates at the first day itself.)
So if you are good in reasoning part then focus your preparation for the first day on the PPDT part.

     This is a projection test in which a hazy or unclear picture is shown to the candidates where the candidates are expected to write a story.  In this the candidate has to note down seven parameters such as age, sex, character, mood (+/-), past (what led to the situation), present (what is happening in the situation), future (result of the story).

     In this the age, sex of the hero chosen for the story should be similar to the candidate.  The character/mood chosen by the candidate should be optimistic and constructive.  Also the candidate also note down as what is happening in the situation, what might led to this situation and the result of the situation.  Also if you found any problem in the story or problem like situation try to find the solution for the problem at the end of the story.  Else if you don’t find any problem in the story, then imagine a problem (the problem could be able to solved by the hero) for the situation.  Also note that the hero should not be a cause for the problem. 

     Also there is another way of preparation for this and it results the best at screening day.  Also it is very much useful for the TAT – Thematic Appreciation on Psychology.  i.e. Natural preparation using our environment itself.

     It is real life natural preparation.  Take a pen and notebook and a wrist watch.  Sit in a place such as balcony of your home or your friends home, play ground, stadium, class rooms, library, etc. (where situation is pleasant, peaceful, good for you and comfortable) where you can see a group of crowded people doing different works.  In that note down the persons who are similar to your age and doing various work, jobs.  By noting down their character, moods start to write the story within 3 minutes.  Then analyze your story by self that

i) Whether the story is positive.
ii) Whether the hero chosen by you is same age and sex of you
iii)Whether the story has three parts such as past, present and future.
iv) Whether the story has a problem (hero is not the cause for the problem) and at the end check whether the hero solves the problem.
v) Whether the story is acceptable and natural.

These are about story writing part of screening day1.  Then next is the description part of G.D which is the main criteria which decides whether the candidate is screened in or screened out.  Since in first day it is said that it’s not possible to correct our OIRT papers within that short time.  So the screening is mainly based on the individual narration and discussion of the candidates in the group after this.  So practice well for this situation to cross this hurdle.

The candidates are advised to sit semicircle in a row based on their chest numbers before the officers such as the president, the psychologist and the GTO.  Here the candidate has to narrate their own individual story to the group one by one based on their chest numbers.  After narrating the story, they have to discuss among themselves to choose the best story and come to a common conclusion.  After this the candidates will wait to get their screening results. 

The preparations for PPDT narration are as follows:-

As I said earlier, after writing the model stories by seeing various real life characters of same age, try to narrate your story to your friend or group of friends in English with out stammering.  If you do so, you will get confidence and fluency in your narration.  You could able to narrate what you are thinking in your mind.  So this is the best way of preparation for narration.  If you narrate the story before the group without stammering then you crossed 50% of your hurdle for the first day.

Then the second important thing is group discussion about the story.  This starts after the individual narration.  Each candidate tries to give their points so that they want to justify that their stories are the best.  In this we have to give our points crisply to the group and make them to accept our point.  This part carries the remaining 50% of your hurdle for the first day of the screening.

Tips to crack the G.D on the first day :-

i) During and after the individual narration i.e. while in G.D never look at the officers.
ii) Maintain the proper body language i.e. don’t insert your legs inside the chair.  Sit in a perfect interviewing position.
iii) Don’t argue with any body during the discussion.  Give chances for all.
iv) Give chances to the weak people.
v)  Try to give the strong points of your story at time when you get the chance.
In case if you don’t get time to talk, just interrupt them by saying words such as”excuse me gentlemen I have some thing to say”.
Try to talk at least 3 to 5 times in the discussion.
vi) Listen to others keenly when they talk in the discussion.
vii)               Also after finishing the discussion while coming back from your seat walk confidently with smiling face along with upraised chest and shoulder.

If you follow the above things, surely you will get in on the first day. 

Day – 2 Psychological process

In this part, I am going to tell you about the psychological preparation.  The psychology process are conducted on the second day of the selection process. 
The types of tests conducted are
i)  TAT – Thematic Appreciation Test.
ii)  WAT – Word Association Test.
iii)  SRT – Situation Reaction Test.
iii)  SD   -  Self Description Test

The psychological process are the important one, as the psychologist gives a map representation of the candidate character/attitude/qualities.  In the remaining days, they check whether the information shown by the candidate in the psychological  process  is true through various  process  such as PI and group tasks.  If we have OLQ and if we shown your OLQ in our psychological process, then the GTO, IO tries to look out those OLQ by raising questions and during the performance of the candidate in the ground tasks. 
So the preparation for Psychological  process  is important.

Preparation for TAT – Thematic Appreciation Test:-

 TAT is the first process of the psychological day2.   TAT is a projection of our thoughts/imaginations, that a picture is shown to the candidate by a projector and the candidate are asked to write down a story that comes to their mind.  In this it is not necessary to note down the age, sex, mood etc like as PPDT .  But the TAT story should consist of a hero of same age and sex and a story with a positive ending.  Like this we have to write 11 stories for various slides of pictures while the last one is the empty slide. 

Example of how to write the story for TAT as follows:-

     To practice naturally, I prefer to practice the same method like PPDT preparation.  But a little change is in this stories, no need to mention the age, sex, character and mood. 
     Take a pen and notebook and a wrist watch.  Sit in a place such as balcony of your home or your friends home, play ground, stadium, class rooms, library, etc. (where situation is pleasant, peaceful, good for you and comfortable) where you can see a group of crowded people doing different works.  In that note down the persons who are similar to your age and doing various work, jobs.  By noting down their character, moods start to write the story within 3 minutes.  Then analyze your story by self that
vi) Whether the story is positive.
vii)  Whether the hero chosen by you is same age and sex of you
viii) Whether the story has three parts such as past, present and future.
ix)  Whether the story has a problem (hero is not the cause for the problem) and at the end check whether the hero solves the problem.
x) Whether the story is acceptable and natural.

The pictures shown to the candidates are of various real life situations.  So we have to choose the hero of the same age and sex.  If there is no hero or central character in the story then create a central character of the same age and sex.

Important points for TAT:-

i) Story represents personalities of individuals and their experience.
ii) Write the stories from your experience i.e. try maximum to write stories within your experience of age.  (It portrays that you are showing your qualities, experience which is happened in your real life)
iii) The story written by a candidate in TAT shows what motivates a person, Advertisement, power, other people etc.
iv) Try to write stories by embedding points with PIQ. (This portrays that you are showing your OLQ – Officer like Qualities).
v) E.g.:- If you write your favorite sport as foot ball in PIQ, also in TAT if you find a picture showing a group of boys are talking in playground, then you may write story as a person leading a foot ball team towards victory. Got it friends.

CLICK HERE for example TAT pictures.
To perform well in the TAT,
CLICK HERE for more TAT pictures for practice.

Preparation for WAT:-

     WAT – Word Association Test is the second process on day 2 of psychology.  In this series of 60 words are shown to the candidates with a time limit of 15 seconds for each word.  The candidates are ordered to write sentences which come first after seeing that word in their mind.  The aim of this is to gauge the candidate’s responses toward various positive and negative words. 
     Such that if a candidate is good in his thought and character from his child hood, then he may have good formulation of words in his mind.  In case if a candidate is brought up in a situation of negative thoughts and environments then he used to respond negatively to situations.  To find this WA is conducted.
To achieve success in WAT,  it needs a hard preparation. 
Expectations from psychologist towards WAT

The psychologist expects that
i) The sentences responded by the candidate should be positive one.
ii) The sentences should match with the PIQ of the candidate.
iii)The candidate should never show any negative character such as anger, fear, selfishness etc.
iv) The candidate should show their patriotism, team spirit, and aim in life etc.
v)In precise they should show their knowledge towards each word.

    For the word,  Brave – Most candidates used to write as “Bravery is the sign of army”
Or “Brave people are great” or “I am a brave boy”.
Note: - Don’t form sentences by using the words, I am, me etc.  Don’t show your quality by self.  You should show your quality by your responses of the sentence of by your reaction towards a particular situation.
Also don’t use words such as should, could, would or writing in future sentence. 
Write in past tense only.

     The best response is “Param vir chakra is given for the award of bravery”. This sentence shows his knowledge over the word and no negative sentence in this.  So try to practice like this friend.

How to get words to prepare:-

You can get words while reading news paper, hearing news channels and listening autobiography in discovery channel etc. 
In news paper, if you read news related to nuclear agreement, then try to formulate sentence by your mind such as “Nuclear reactor used for production of electricity”.
Like this prepare with more words in the environment with in short span of time. i.e. 15 seconds.

For WAT examples CLICK HERE
Practicing words related to character and emotions:-
These are the words which show our character clearly to the psychologist.  Also they give preference to these words to see our psychology.
E.g.:- Anger, Fear, Cry, Smile etc

Anger – Meditation overcomes anger
Fear    - Proper practice and determinates eliminates fear.
Like this the negative words should be approached with positive frame of mind.
{‘-‘ x ’ –‘= ‘+’}.  This is the key.

What is Situation Reaction Test ?:-
SRT  is the third process on the day 2 of psychology.  In this session 60 situations are given to the candidate where the time given is only 30 minutes.  So the candidate should be speed in his decision and writing.  
Expectation from the Psychologist over SRT:-
i) They want the response should be natural and honest.
ii) The reaction should be able to done by a young youth.
iii) A candidate should be able to win the entire situation.
iv)A candidate should never switches from one situation to next (Answering from 6th question to 8th question by leaving the 7th.  This shows that he is not able to answer that type of situation.)
v) Common sense from the candidate.
vi) The candidate should not like a super man.
vii)The candidate should not fight for silly and every situations.  But he should be able to tackle all the difficult situations intelligently to get success.

Preparation for SRT:-
The preparation needs basic common sense.  While reading news paper, you may read news that “huts get fire, so many people injured” like this.  If you read a situation like this, then put yourself in those situation and think how you will react.

E.g.:- i) I will call the ambulance and fire service.
ii) I will arrange group of persons from surroundings and engage myself in extinguishing fire.
NOTE:- Your reaction should be in two to three lines which gives solution for the problem.
Like this put yourself in various tough real life situations and analyze by self that whether you can able to react or not. 
After getting the idea, try to write in two lines with small and legible handwriting.  Since the space given in some boards such as Bangalore are very small.  So practice well to try write small and fast. 
Also the average time for each question is 30 seconds, try to be fast.
Here the quality only matters and not the quantity.  The average intelligent person will attempt 45 questions out of 60.  So try to give your quality.

Preparation for SD - Self Description:-
SD is the final at the psychological process of day 2.  This process is like a out question.  So we will prepare and practice a lot for this process.

Expectation of psychologist in Self Description:-
i) Self analyzing capability of the candidate.
ii) How he is thinking about self, family, friends and teachers.
iii) Analysis of how their parents, friends, teachers thinking about him.
iv) Aim in life.

Ask you parents, teachers friends as how you thinking about me and all.
     I hope that, you already prepared about these questions in the self realization part at the starting of this page, you will have answers for these questions. 
Just sit and write neatly for each question truthfully.  Try to include all your good qualities and positive things about you in these answers. 

     The Aim in Life question should be handled with the first question of self realization i.e. why you want to join Army.  This shows your aim and determination.

Practice again and again of these answers so that you can able to finish these answers in time and neatly.
CLICK HERE for Self Description Example.
These are about psychological preparation.

Day 3&4 Group Task preparation:-
     The Group Task is conducted on the third and fourth day of the process.  The aims of these are to find the ability of the candidate to work in a group as leader and a participant.  Also to find the individual stamina’s of the candidate. 
     The Group Tasks are supervised by a GTO are usually in the rank of major.  He supervises and guides the candidates for two days and allots marks for each candidate by analyzing various qualities by mapping with the psychological report by the psychologist.

These are conducted are
(i) Group Discussion.(G.D) - Indoor Task
(ii) Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise.(G.P.E or M.P.E)- Indoor Task
(iii) Progressive Group Task.(P.G.T) -Outdoor Task
(iv) Half Group Task. (H.G.T) -Outdoor Task
(v) Individual Obstacles (I.O)-Outdoor Task
(vi) Command Task. (C.T) -Outdoor Task
(vii) Snake Race or Group Obstacle Race.-Outdoor Task
(viii) Individual Lecturete. - Indoor Task
(xi) Final Group Task (F.G.T)-Outdoor Task.

First let we see about group discussion elaborately:-

In group tasks, the GD is the first and important task of the Group Task process.  As this shows many of our OLQ to the GTO.
Usually two GD's are held at a stretch.  The topic given for the first GD will have three options to select    and the topic given for the second GD is compulsory one.
The group is divided in 8 or 12 or 12 based on the order of the chest numbers.
The GD's will be held at a stretch with a little time gap.
 Three options are given for the first G.D and the candidates have to chose one from that.  In this scenario the candidates have to discuss within themselves to choose the topic which most of them are agree.  After telling the chosen topic to the GTO, he gives time to think about the topic for few minutes(usually 3 to 4 minutes).  Then after that he orders the candidates to start the discussion.(The war begins).
After the finishing of the first G.D. the G.T.O gives 2 minutes gap and gives the second topic which is compulsory topic.
The time give to think about this topic is only 3 to 4 minutes and he starts to observe the group.
The duration of both the G.D will be 10,15 or 20 minutes.

     What GTO expect in GD?
      First for a good human with good qualities, he should be able to put his points in front of others or in a group.  This is what expected in defense officers also, since he should command his man at normal time or at the time of war.  So he should be clear in expressing his thoughts and give good points at discussion even under pressure.  For all these sakes, GD is conducted. 

The GTO expects things such as
Communication Skills.
Listening to the group members point.
Leadership and Coordination with the group members (Heart)
Expressing one self truthfully in the group.
Depth of Knowledge in the given topics.
Sharing of knowledge to the group members
Running the group parallel to the given point.

Group Discussion Preparation:-
     For the effective communication skill, try to talk a lot to your friends regarding various national issues or any other favorite topic with your group of friends in English.  By this you will improve communication skill gradually.  Usually candidates stammer at group discussion while getting vocabulary for a particular word and while using tense forms.  For basic tense forms, grammars CLICK HERE. Practice this tense forms to acquire good English grammatical knowledge.  Also try to see debates, conversations in National news channels such as NDTV, CNBC, CNN IBN etc.  So that you can get more points and knowledge over the issues. 
My piece of advice, in discovery channel now days the programs are broadcasted in local language such as Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.  So while seeing such program, translate those local mother tongue languages to English such that you will be able to get more vocabulary and sentence formation by practice. 

Listening to the group members point:-
     Talking with group of friends by listening to their eye is a basic quality.  Since by psychology, the liars, negative thinkers can’t able to maintain a proper eye contact.  So while talking to your friends, superiors or seniors just try to have a smiling face eye contact so that, if you practice this continuously you will get positive points to discuss.  It’s true.  Like that while others talking in group discussion , just observe to their points keenly. This shows your observing capacity also it gives more point to talk at that instant.  So practice to listen to others keenly and sharply to perform well in GD.

     In case if you found your group of friends, in colleges, offices involves in any discussion and debate then volunteer yourself and try to put your valuable point.  After this analyze that whether you points were respected, whether your points added essence to the topic, whether you stood center of the topic etc.  By this you can able to analyze your position in the group.

     Another important quality of the GD is you should be able to give solutions for the issues.  This is the important quality of an army officer.  Such that if you are seeing a debate in a news channel, then try to give your own solution in your mind.  If you practice well this thing then it will more easy for you guyz.  Since in  GD, if two or three members are revolving around a particular point as debate, then you can give a solution for their issue.  If you give like that then you will be the centre of attraction.  It gives a good positive credit to  you.
Like this practice well friends then G.D will be a cake walk for you.

Preparation for Military Planning Exercise or Group Planning Exercise (M.P.E  or G.P.E):- 
     M.P.E. is held after the G.D.  In MPE the candidates are given different tough situations where he has to won over all the situations by using their group of friends and materials around them. 
In this the candidate has to think them as a leader.  

     The example situation is: - If you and a group of five friends are going from Chennai to kanchipuam in Electric train at morning 8 am.  The distance between the two cities is 60 kms.  The train is moving at a speed of 60kms per hour and now crossed 10 kms. You all people are going to collect your final year project CD from project centre at 10.30 am.  Today afternoon 2 pm is the submission session for your project team in college.  After crossing ten kilometers, a little village came near Chennai named koilur which is surrounded by two sides with river with fishing boats, the train stopped with an announcement that rail track is flooded by river water.  Suddenly you are hearing a sound of women.  While moving to that compartment you saw a person is heavily injured in head and unconscious.  While investigating to that women she is saying that, they were attacked by some robbers and they robbed their gold jewels of their daughter's marriage and ran into the bushes.  The place train stopped was so remote with bushy forest on both sides of the track.  What you will do?

First analyze the number of problems and time available to solve those.
Give priority to solve the problem.
After giving the priority, divide your group members to each problem and allocate a time limit for each problem to solve.
Assemble at one place after solving the problems and march ahead to your task to finish it also.
 In these situations the problems are:-

1) One person got injured heavily.
2) Catch the robbers.
3) Complaint to the railway police.
4) Go to the project center in time.

Time management: - Train speed - 60 kms.
Distance crossed - 10 kms...--> {one minute is one km, so 60 mins is 60 kms}
So remaining time is 50 minutes in normal schedule.
If the train has crossed ten kms by starting at 8 am with speed 60 kms, now the time may be 8.10 am.

Ok we come to the Priority of the problem:-

P1 - First aid to the injured person and console the shouting/crying lady.
P2 – Giving complaint to the railway police about theft
P3 - Take the person to hospital.
P4 - Finding source for road transport since rail way is blocked.
P5 - Reaching the project center in time.

Resource available:-

1) 5 persons of friends.
2) A village near by walk able distance if we cross the river road facility is available in koilur.

Action Plan:-

i) Since there are 5 persons including you, allocate two of them to give first aid to the injured person.
ii) Send two of them to see the status of the river bank where the train just now crossed to check, how to reach that other bank of village to seek medical help for the injured with the help of the fishing boats and to ask detail about road transport from koilur to Chennai.
iii) You are the remaining person, so go to the train engine part, and ask the driver about rail road condition and make complaint to the railway police about theft of jewels.
iv) After finishing all assemble at your compartment.(All these can be done by 10 mins, so now time is 8.22 am. Since there is10 mins for action and 2 mins for planning. )
v) So after assembling there by asking about the situations around to the friends proceed up with further action.


Bring the railway police to register complain with that lady.(approx 10 mins) --> Time now is 8.32 am
Take the injured person to the river bank near the bridge where rail stopped nearby.(5 mins) à Time now is 8.37 am
Place him in the fishing boat and sail across the river along with your group.(8 mins) à Time now is 8.45 am
Arrange him the medical help in the near by hospital. (15 mins) àTime now is 9.00 am
Hire a private vehicle or bus to rush to the project centre to collection it in time. (Max 1 hour) à Time now is 10.00 am
Return to the college as early as possible to submit the report.

Preparation for Group Tasks such as PGT, HGT, CT, FGT :-
These tasks are held after the GPE or MPE.  The preparations for all these tasks are same, since all these tasks are similar to each other.  So some basic ideas, implementation techniques for these tasks will help you to perform well. 
i) P.G.T. – Progressive Group Task.
ii) H.G.T. – Half Group Task.
iii) C.T. – Command Task.
iv) F.G.T. - Final Group Task.

i)P.G.T. – Progressive Group Task:-
PGT is about set of obstacles in ground in a specified area in that you and your team members should cross each obstacle defined by set of rules.  Also while crossing those obstacles we should carry a load.  To cross those obstacles, some helping materials are given by the G.T.O.  i.e. Balli (wooden log), Plank, and rope to tie these. The difficulty of the task increases from one obstacle to another in a progressive manner.  So it is named as Progressive Group Task.

ii)H.G.T. – Half Group Task:-
HGT is similar to PGT, but the difference is that the group is divided into two sets.  i.e. If your group contains totally 10 persons, then it is divided into 5 of two groups.  Like this the GTO will see the performance of the candidates in close. The rules are same for this like PGT.

iii)C.T. – Command Task:-
The Command Task is held before the F.G.T.  The aim of this task is to find the commanding capability of the candidate.  The candidates are allowed to choose two members from the group.  The candidate should extract work from his group by giving instruction based on that task.  I.e. He is the allotted as theleader.

iv) F.G.T. – Final Group Task:-
F.G.T is similar to P.G.T.  The rules are also same.  But the difference is that in PGT series of tasks are held, while in FGT only one task is held in which the whole group is participated.  So it is a final chance for every candidate to show their full talent.

Rules for PGT, HGT, CT, and FGT:-
         The obstacles are painted in three colors namely
·        White
·        Black
·        Red

Each one describes one rule.                            
White: - Both the candidate and the helping materials can touch the obstacle at this region.
Black: - Only the candidate can touch the obstacle in this region and not the helping materials.
Red   : - Both the candidate and helping material should not touch the obstacles.

Out of bound area:-
         The areas in the P.G.T., F.G.T., H.G.T., C.T., which should not be touched are called as out of bound areas.  These areas include the mud surfaces inside the task area and some color codes as described above.

     In these tasks, we have to use the helping materials to cross the obstacle, So to use the helping materials such as balli, plank, rope.  Use different ideas in implementing them to the obstacle.  Such that, you have to find multiple solutions to solve.  Also if have the capability to give multiple solutions, then your group tend to follow you. Then you will be the leader.

     To get multiple ideas, just be thorough with basic physics applications i.e. real life applications such Fulcrum, Cantilever etc.

     Since the G.T.O expects the candidates to be a knowledge person and not as monkey.  It is possible to cross those obstacles with simple tying to different positions in trial and error method.  But he expects to solve that as a “smart worker”.

Things to follow at P.G.T, F.G.T., C.T., H.G.T:-
a) Never look at the G.T.O while doing the tasks.
b) Be yourself as I stated earlier in the G.D itself.
c) Give a good idea to the group if you don’t know any idea just help the idea givers truthfully.
d) Never violate the rules it is the basic of G.T.O tasks, and in case if you violate the rule, just repeat the task. 
e) Be an active participant in the team by giving your full cooperation. 
f) Be positive in your views i.e. take consideration about other member ideas if it is finer than yours. 

Preparation for Individual Lecturette:-

     The individual lecturette is to find the speaking ability of the candidate.  In this, a card is given to the candidate which consists of three topics.  Out of that one should be chosen by the candidate to give lecture.  The time given for the preparation of individual lecture is 3 mins.  The time to give lecture to the group is also 3 mins.
      The best way to prepare for the Individual Lecture is to stand before the mirror and practice by self.  If you do like this, then you can realize how your face and body are changing while giving the lecture.  So that you can change by yourself about your mistakes. 
Also to get more points in that short time, read more books and see more news channels and lectures.  So that you can able to get more points in that short span of time.

Preparation for Individual Obstacles and Snake Race:-
     The aim of Preparation for individual obstacle and snake race is for Physical Stamina. 
     They will see physical stamina and fearlessness in Individual Obstacles.  Also in Snake Race they will see our selfishness participation in group, rule following, team spirit etc.

Snake Race:-
     Snake race or Group Obstacle race is held after the command task.  In this the group is given a material called as Snake made up of jute, thick clothes which are usually some what weight.  The length of the snake is 6-8 feet in length.

The obstacles to be crossed in Snake Race are
1. Spider web
2. Parallel big size iron pipe painted with white, red alternatively, the candidate has to cross it without touching the red lines and bend his body such that making the letter ‘S’.
3. 10 feet wall.
4. Crossing parallel walls – In between these walls, a pipe is laid to cross.

Be prepared to mud up your white dress.  Don’t hesitate to mud it up.

Individual Obstacles:-

     The individual obstacles are followed after the H.G.T.  The aim of the individual obstacles is to show the candidates stamina level, their endurance, their boldness, their courage and several factors. 
There are several obstacles with different difficulty level allocated with each marks.  The number painted near the obstacles denotes the marks allocated for the obstacles.
The total number of obstacles is 10 and the time limit to cross those obstacles is 3 minutes.  The total marks are 55.
                                             i.e. 1+2+3456+7+8+9+10 = 55.
     The obstacle with highest level of difficulty scores the maximum of 10.  Also the obstacle with lowest level of difficulty scores the minimum of 1.

The obstacles in Individual Obstacles are :-
a)      Commando walk        
b)      Double ditch jump
c)      Tarzan swing
d)      Balanced walk
e)      Jumping over drum winded by thorny wires
f)       Step by Step jump
g)      Jumping over the screen(high jump)
h)      Burma bridge
i)        Hanging the rope after jumping from the ladder
j)        Rope climbing

Physical Preparation:-
     To be speed in crossing the obstacle without fear, keep your physique fit.  Do some basic exercises before selection process such as pushups, pull-ups, and rope climbing.  So that, you can face all the things easily with respect to physical endurance.
     Since, in the exercises such as pushups, pull ups and rope climbing exercises, you are lifting your own weight.  So that, in these tasks, you can able to cross the obstacles easily without much pain. I.e while crossing the 10 feet wall, you have pull up your body.  For this the fore arm power should be more.  So if you prepared with pull ups,  you can easily cross this obstacle.  Also in spider web, you need more balance in your body (hip), if you do push ups, you will get this balance strength.  These are facts of physical strength.

To know more deeply about each task in Group Tasks CLICK HERE

     These are about preparations upto my knowledge and i will update it if i get any new ideas friends.  All the best.  March ahead with confidence


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