Dress Code of Interview for Men in Defense Interview, Fresher Interview, Corporate and Business Interviews

It is an ancient Tamil proverb that is “Aal Paathi Aaadai Paathi” which means dress 50% and human 50%.  A complete man equals {dress + human).  So what ever we are by intelligence, physique and all, it doesn't matter in the interview, our looks and attire only matters.  Since it only gives the final shape to our self.

Another example, we are the people who are using internet daily; in this internet we can see amazing web pages and attractive designs.  In this most of us are attracted towards the design and color of pages only and not on the business logic or some programming code running inside that web pages.  Like this, in the interview occasions, the look and attire of the candidate matters first then after this our knowledge and technical skill plays the role.
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Here, I am going to describe about the dress code, etiquette for defense interviews, business interviews, corporate interviews and fresher interviews.
OK, let we enter into the subject and here I want to divide this topic into twelve sub topics such as

  1. Color and Texture of the Dress
  2. Shirt
  3. Pant or Trousers
  4. Tie
  5. Watch, Belt and Shoes
  6. Perfume
  7. External Accessories or Ornaments
  8. Hair Style
  9. Nails
  10. Spectacles
  11. Hand Kerchief
  12. Basic Hygiene before the Interview

Color and Texture of the Dress:
The color which we used to wear in our Interview should be pleasing one and it should not strain the eyes of the people around us. The color of the suiting should not be much reflective. 
Choose dress material which causes less sweat and comfort feeling.  Since, during the summer seasons you may be in a situation to travel some kilometers in hot sun for your interview.  At these crucial times, you may get sweat and it causes discomfort and bad odors during your interview.  So be cautious with this.
Also during stitching of your trousers or pants, tell the tailors to put the crotch liner for men.  As it avoids the friction between the two thighs (especially for the person who are little obese) and it causes discomfort during your interview session.  So by this we can avoid these discomforts.

Choose the shirt which is light in color or white (as it suits for all occasions).  Wear full sleeve shirts as it gives you a gentleman look.  Also check for your collar region of your shirts whether it has enough circumferences to leave your neck to feel comfortable. 
Don’t fold the sleeves of your shirts at the interview panel. 
If you have checked designs in your shirts then prefer striped designs in your trousers, else if you have striped designs in yours shirts then prefer checked designs in your trousers.

Pant or Trousers:
Choose the Pant or Trousers which is dark in color.  Wear pants which is properly ironed with no wrinkles.  Don’t wear a tight fitting pant or trousers.  Wear trousers which make your walk faster and feel free.
Don’t leave your back pockets unbuttoned.  Avoid bulged look from your pant pockets also, try to avoid the things protruding from pockets. 
If you have checked designs in your trousers then prefer striped designs in your shirts, else if you have striped designs in yours trousers means then prefer checked designs in your shirts.

Wear tie which is made by silky material.  As it is easy to fold and to make that down triangle shape to look perfect.  Avoid tie from woolen clothes as it looks so bulgier in your collar, bow region.
Also note that, the tie should not be too much reflective and lustrous.
Wear the tie appropriate to the color of the trousers or pant.

Watch, Belt and Shoes:
Wearing Analog watch gives a gentleman look.  The color of the watch strap should match with color of the belt and shoes.
Choose light color dial with leather strapped (black or brown) watch.
I.e. if you are going to wear black shoe means prefer black belt and black strapped watch.
Else for the brown shoe it is vice versa.  Choose belts which are having buckles.
Also choose shoes with lace, as it gives perfect look and grip while you walk.  Wear black color lace for black shoes and brown for brown color shoes.

The aim of the perfume is to hide our body odors only and not to show our perfume smell to the environment.  So if we enter the interview panel means no odors should come from us.  Though if any one coming closer to your means, you should smell pleasing.
Choose the perfume or body spray which gives pleasing smell i.e. not irritating others. 
Avoid over usage of that, use it gently and lightly as you need.
NOTE: Using body deodorants over your shirts may cause some stains or round marks which is easily visible when it dries and gives a bad impression.

External Accessories or Ornaments:
Wear necessary ornaments to the interview.  i.e. Wearing wedding ring or engagement ring is ok.  But wearing designer rings which is having skeletons or something like a stunt master in film (lolz) will create a bad image to the interview panel.  Avoid wearing big sized gold bracelets at wrists as it distracts the interviewer.  Be simple, and then it makes more impressions.

Hair Style:
Make your hair well trimmed.  Else, if you have long hair or medium length hairs just make your hairs as well combed one.  It is always better to have a well trimmed hair.
The main thing is, if your hairs fly during your interview session, it may distract the interviewer also it causes discomfort to you.  So try to avoid these inconveniences.

Have clean nails, cut the nails with nail cutters as it gives good finishing.  Avoid cutting then nails with fingers or biting it with mouths.  

Clean your spectacles well before the interview.  Since while travelling in bus or vehicles or in hot summer, it may contain dust and sweat.  This gives a blurred look.  So clean this.

Hand Kerchief:
Use white color hand kerchief and keep it pure white or clean.  Or use any light color appropriate to the color of your dresses.

Basic Hygiene before the Interview:
Trim your hairs which are protruding from the nose.
Be shave shined, and if you have mustache trim and shape it well.
Avoid smoking before the interview.
Don’t chew any chocolates or chewing gums.
Clean your eye corners before the interviews.

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Try these friends, you itself feel more confident in your looks.  All the best gentlemen for your interviews.  


  1. Hi Vignesh,
    Is the tie you mentioned above mandatory? I never use tie usually and I think I would be uncomfortable with it.
    Thank you.

    1. using tie is not mandatory but it shows your professional attitude...

    2. You absolutely right Mr .......

      thank you

  2. @Rohith, it depends brother, for corporate interview in fresher/trainee role it is not mandatory. But in SSB according to my view its mandatory only.

  3. Hello...thanks for dis blog...
    I m facing a problem regarding ues entry...
    M in 3rd year btech student,last year(nov. 2011) few army officers came to my colg nd dey hv taken da interviews for ues...i got selected there...my interviewer said dat he z recommeding me for ssb...bt i didn recieve any cal letter til nw...even my name z nt der in da list in joinindianarmy.com...
    I askd few seniors f mine...seniors said dat they wil update da list after sum tym...
    Is dis true??
    Pls reply asap...thanks

    1. I hope that u wud ve got the call letter for SSB Otherwise 1 more opty iz der for entry in Navy for that u ve to apply within this month thay ill call u for interview on coming september.....try.. all the Best

      Is it mandatory to use a tie in stage 1 of ssb interview...?

      thank you,

    3. not mandatory. but have a perfect formal and polished shoes.

  4. is there any tests like running chinnups etc for sscw(tech)and tell me about the dress code

    1. no but there will be individual obstacles, http://www.ssbinterviewtips.com/2011/11/ssb-interview-dress-code-for-girls-or.html for dress code

  5. Admin plz tell me about AFCAT SSB interview.i want to know whether EKT test will be conducted for AFCAT cleared candidates or not........

    1. but i heard that EKT has been removed and is replaced with Lecturette.......... can u plz do tell me clearly!

    2. hey admin(vignesh) but i heard that EKT has been removed and is replaced with Lecturette.......... can u plz do tell me clearly!

    3. for Technical entry i.e. Aeronautical Engineers branch in Air Force.plz do inform me

  6. hello!!
    I want to ask , whether it is mandatory to wear a white dress (white T-shirt and white lower) durin the GTO tests in SSB?

    1. white dress is mandatory.. any white shoes are allowed..

  7. I have a similar query as gajendra...can anyone please answer that ???
    Also are White PT shoes compulsory or can I get black sports shoes??

  8. hi,
    is it mandetory to wear the shoe which contain lace?

    1. shoes with lace shows our dignity.. while lace-less are fashion wear..

  9. Will it be ok to wear dark brown (mehandi colour) shirt and light cream trouser for PI ?. I am going for ssb TGC 117 course in may month. Kindly reply soon.

    1. yes, you can apply mehndi, kajra, nail polish whatever



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