Officer Entries in Indian Defense

The following are the commissioned officers entry in our forces.  The starting rank at these entry types in all the forces after commissioning will be in the rank of lieutenant.
Officer Entry in Indian Armed Forces.
Officer Entry in Indian Army - Women

- 10 + 2 - TES Entry
- 10 + 2 - NDA Entry
- Graduate UPSC-IMA Direct Entry
- Graduate SSC-Non Tech Entry
- Graduate NCC Special Entry
- Graduate Law JAG Entry
- Engineer UES
- Engineer TGC
- Engineer SSC - Tech
- Post Graduate - Army Education Corps

Officer Entry in Indian Army - Women

- Graduate UPSC Entry
- NCC Special Entry
- Law Graduate Entry
- Engineer Entry

Officer Entry in Indian Navy

- Executive Branch
- Education Branch
- Engineering Branch
- Electrical Branch

Officer Entry in Indian Air Force

- Flying Branch NDA Entry
- Flying Branch CDSE Entry
- Technical Branch
- Ground Duty Branch


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