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Hello Friends,

I welcome you all with a warm heart to www.ssbinterviewtips.com. First of all, thank you for being here and I hope this site will benefit you by providing rich source of required information for your SSB preparation and transferring ideas to enrich the knowledge for finding "The Path For Your Passion" to become an elite officer in our Indian Armed Forces.

This portal also includes:
  1. Learning about various form of entries into Armed Forces and its preparation.
  2. Personality Development
  3. FAQ's, Discussion forum and providing information to all your queries related to SSB

Our Vision:-

  1. To form a completely developed nation with people following the peace and spreading the love among one another.
  2. To get prepared for protecting the people from any means of danger by leading our life as a soldier in the Indian defense.
  3. To create complete awareness about Tax payment, Bribe Eradication, Organ Donations, avoiding consumption of alcohol, tobacco and narcotic/addictive products etc.,
  4. To volunteer in rescue operations during natural calamities to save the life of our people at any situation even to the peril of our own life.

Our Mission:-

  1. To provide the viewers with a clear, necessary and updated information about SSB, so as to pave a path for their passion to become a successful officer in the Indian Armed Forces.
  2. To enrich the potential of my brothers and sisters through proper guidance by sharing and implementing the knowledge which i gained in the field of psychology and mastering the same by myself.
  3. To serve as a hub in connecting people for the noble purpose of blood, eye and body organ donations during an emergency need.
  4. To develop our-self by understanding our social responsibilities to lead a disciplined, peaceful and a rigid life thereby making our mother India, the strongest in the universe!

Success Stories from our Aspirants!!!
Vishnu S.P.
Hello, Vigesh this mail is 4  personaly tnkng u 4 ur blog's work dat helped me a lot in my painstaking
effort to pass SSB interview.As vn the results molded I got recomended in my
1st attempt itself...so from
october 3rd onwardz joining OTA on 96th SSC (NT) course.So Vignesh tnkzz tnkz a lot

hey dude , i got recommended n proved medically fit . Waitin 4 merit
list :-) thanks a lot for d help :-)

Jennifer Jeni
It was really informative... n i ve got recommended... sscw(T)-10.... thanks a lot vignesh... i jus reffered ly tis blog fa ma preparation....

Vignesh noble work u r doing....I have cleared my SSB for OTA-96 now waiting for merit list but with full
hope i think i will get in....keep going friend ssb is like everything new for a fresher and ur blog help
them to make familiar with this great experiance....keep it up and all the best:)

Saumya Pratik 
Hi, I have been recomended for Army, 22  board Bhopal, course:TGC 115, all thanks to this website and
Vignesh.  Keep inspiring many more young souls :)

B. Srinivasa Phani Krishna
Hi Vignesh.. I am recommended and as well cleared my medicals.  I have been recommended for PC(Logistics),
Navy and this website has certainly helped me in a way to prepare for the selection and i could crack it
the first time which gives me additional joy.  I would like to thank you for all your efforts, without any
expectations for anyone. It is really very great of you.
Thanks & Regards,
B. Srinivasa Phani Krishna

Vipin Bharadwaj
I am recommended as Assistant commandant(General Duty) in Indian coast guard and medically fit.
I am very thankful to you for your guidance through website due to which I`d be able to make it sucessfully. Thank You
vipin Bharadwaj

Nalin Chowdary
recommended from Allahabad board.  Thanks a lot vignesh Sir :)

Cheshta shankar

HI vighesh .i am rajesh and by gods grace i got recommended by selection boardand declared medically fit
interview i even mentioned ur name to the officer who helped to my preparation..once again LOADS OF THANKS

Nitesh Dadhich
got recommended by Indian Army.  Medical also Clear.  it was the best and amazing moment of my life when
president called my chest number for results... :) I was about to cry.. :P  experience was incredible.. i
never enjoyed life at fullest, as I lived in last 10 days.. :) :)bravo INDIAN ARMY :)

Sonika Pathania
I cleared the process in 1AFSB dehradun AFCAT entry...thnx for ur suggestions .....

vaibhav said...
thanks a lot 4 the useful info
i cleared my selection (u.e.s.) with ur help...thanks once again

Namrata Pandey
MY RECOMMENDATION IS COZ OF YOU AS YOU WERE THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE FOR ME N M SURE FOR OTHERS AS WELL In-fact I mentioned your name to the IO when he asked me how did I prepared for selection process
take care dear n wholeheartedly
thanks to yo
Namrata Pandey

hii..vignesh...hope u r in good spirit and health...wanted to share this...i have been recommended from Varanasi for Indian Air Force...got excited and couldn't clear the PABT...however will be considered for technical branch. Would like to take this moment and thank you and your blog for my successfull stint at the Service Selection board....since your blog has been the only source of information for me and i guess for many others as well...thank you...once again...!!!

Niranjan Reddy
My name is Niranjan Reddy. I am the recommended candidate for TGC-114(SSB Bangalore).
Your blog has given me the whole procedure and details of each.
I am very thankful to you.
Thanks and regards,
Niranjan Reddy B

hi vignesh...had to share this...got recommended for Indian Army from 20 th board, Bhopal in TGC Entry.
Your blog is hugely responsible for my success and that too in the first attempt. A big thank you to you for making as aquatint with the interview board...your suggestions,tips,do's and dont's were immensely helpful during the process. I hope more and more people could take the advantage of this highly informative blog.Once again thanks..!!!
hii buddy....wishing u a merry Christmas....wish u are in good health
and spirit....jst wanted to inform you that i have received my joining letter for IMA would like to thank you for all the support that you have given throughout the process...thanks for every thing....

Common, give your best and live the life as a warrior.  You are the hero.

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